Medical Doctor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 20, 2022

Though a cover letter might not be required for some online advertised positions, 80 out of 100 times the need for a cover letter persists.

If you are medical professional seeking assistance in writing a fine cover letter to go with your exotic resume, we offer guidance.

Keeping your tone professional while writing a personal introduction of your resume in the form of a cover letter is a complicated task.

Candidates often find it very difficult to decide what to include and what to ignore in the cover letter.

Well, the solution is easy. Stick to the job requirements.

Write an entirely employer-centered cover letter and address the needs of the prospective employer.

Be careful not to repeat your resume in the cover letter. Just support what your resume claims.

Medical Doctor Cover Letter Sample

Harrison Phillip
677 Jinx Lane
Dallas, TX 46568
(004) 222-1111

March 20, 2022

Dr. Ronald Kim
HR In Charge
The Health Valley Hospital
89 Inky Sq
Dallas, TX 46568

Dear Mr. Kim:

I am interested in applying for a medical doctor at The Health Valley Hospital. I am a Texas medical board-certified and hold a valid license to practice medicine in Texas.

Being a seasoned healthcare professional, I enjoy handling challenging medical cases effectively on a daily basis. I strongly wish to take my experience to the next level by joining the dedicated team of professionals at the Health Valley hospital.

Here are some features of my profile:

• Committed to high-quality patient care delivery.
• Expert in providing clinical consultation.
• Working knowledge of family practice assessment techniques, diagnosis, and treatment strategies.
• Remarkable interpersonal and communication skills with demonstrated ability to work in collaboration with other medical professionals on complex cases.
• Self-directed individual with a track record of actively participating in and promoting various community-based health development programs.
• Well versed in demonstrating a patient-centered treatment approach while adhering to the state-issued clinical practice policies.

I want to meet with you to further learn about the position and to establish my relevant skills that can be effectively utilized for your benefit. May I suggest an interview for this purpose? Please call me at (004) 222-1111 to convey a convenient date and time for an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Harrison Phillip

Encl. Resume

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