Judicial Clerkship Interview Questions and Answers

Winning an interview with a judge can be a quite daunting task. However, usually it is more like a general interview. The judge might ask some questions to gauge your knowledge regarding legal proceedings or might put up situational questions targeting your analytical skills. No matter what the content of questions is, like an interview for any other position, the key to this one is also confidence.

It is a good idea to go through some common sample interview question answers for judicial clerkship.


Judicial Clerkship Interview Questions and Answers

Before appearing for an interview, it is helpful to collect some background information regarding the chamber and the prospective judge’s preferences. Even if you are a law graduate, familiarize yourself with the common, contemporary law terminology. It is also a good idea to develop a thorough understanding about the duties of the position.

Why do you want to become a judicial clerk?
I like this profession, I enjoy attending court hearings and I study different cases in my leisure time. I am confident that judicial clerkship is the profession for me and my interests and acquired skills in combination will enable me to excel as a judicial clerk.

What three skills do you think render you qualified as a law clerk?
I believe my matchless writing skills, case documentation expertise and editing/proofreading skills render me the perfect candidate for this position.

If your personal opinion differs from mine, would you find it difficult to draft an opinion?
Not at all! I fully understand that my job is to incorporate your opinion, I would never let my own opinion impact upon the draft.

Have you ever participated in any law reviews?
[Answer in the affirmative if you have any such participation and explain the same, possibly produce a copy. If you don’t, then don’t panic. Mention that you have actively been reading journals and intend to participate in a journal soon. Take a writing sample along and present it to compensate.]

What are your interests other than law?
[Be honest while answering this one. Tell about your genuine interests. It is also a good idea to incorporate some volunteer work in your answer to this question.]

Other than these, the judge might ask your opinion regarding a certain issue or case, if encountered with such a question, its best to give an honest, unbiased answer, one that you can support with facts.

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