Entry Level Medical Transcriptionist Resume No Experience

Updated on November 22, 2015


Resume writing has become a challenging task due to the prevalent saturation in the present day job market and it gets worse when one does not have any experience to showcase. When creating your first medical transcriptionist resume, count on your transferable skills that you practiced during your coursework or while studying. These skills are ones that can come in very handy at the job at hand even though you have not previously used them for the same purpose.

Good news for starters is that there is an increasing trend among prospective employers to seek candidates who can get their required tasks done rather than ones who are experienced in doing the same. Projecting your candidacy as someone who can get the job done accurately is therefore your best shot to gain attention through your resume, even without having a bulky experience section to show off.

Most employers utilize ATS for initial shortlisting so in order to make it through this computerized scanning, it is also crucial to laden your resume with a good amount of industry related keywords.

Below is a medical transcriptionist resume example for candidates having no experience.


Medical Transcriptionist Resume No Experience


Fiona Gilchrist

116 Orchid Lane • Dallas, TX 56330 • (004) 333 – 2222 •fiona . gilchrist @ email . com

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Medical Transcriptionist position with the Central Hospital. Bringing exceptional skills in medical data transcription, case history compilation and procedural write-ups preparation for case follow-up and educational purposes.

• Adept at using stenotype machines and transcription headsets efficiently to generate accurate typed and printed medical content
• Effective skills in verifying medical reports and procedure descriptions against pre-recorded verbatim from doctors’ notes
• Full command on medical report writing and case filing; expert in all aspects of grammar, punctuation, proof reading and homonym distinction

• Excellent collaboration skills with profound ability to work effectively in a team oriented environment
• Strong attention to detail with track record of comprehending and transcribing all incoming data related information through live dictations, verbatim headsets or audio recordings
• Ample knowledge of common medical terminology, well versed in consulting medical dictionaries to elaborate procedural abbreviations and to simplify medical jargons to enable data processing

State Institute of Medical Technology, Dallas, TX – 2015
Associate’s Degree in Medical Transcription

Community Centre, Dallas, TX – Summer 2014
Intern Medical Transcriber
Assisted the medical transcriptionist in data collection and compilation, proofread the medical reports and distributed the same to authorized department for inclusion in the patients’ case files

• Multilingual: English, Spanish and Portuguese
• Excellent PC Operation skills
• Typing speed: 60 WPM