Medical Transcriptionist Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: January 25, 2023

A medical transcriptionist cover letter is a formal document that must accompany your resume since it serves as an introduction to your candidacy.

Below are 3 tips related to cover letter writing specially designed to facilitate candidates having no experience in the field:

1. Tell the recruiter what you can do for them

Instead of beating about the bush, stating what exactly you offer to do for the prospective employers and how you intend to utilize your skills in favor of the firm is a more direct and better approach.

2. Highlight your transferable skills

Everyone has transferrable skills, even inexperienced candidates. Carefully determine the practiced skills you possess that can come in handy in the role at hand and then highlight the same in your cover letter.

3. Promote some personal traits that will come in handy

Smart candidates treat the cover letter as an opportunity to personalize and communicate certain selling traits that give them an edge over their competitors.

Below is a sample medical transcriptionist cover letter for candidates having no experience.

Entry Level Medical Transcriptionist Cover Letter No Experience

Harris Anderson
223 Everest Square
Charlotte, NC 56439
(000) 951-8521
harris @ email . com

January 25, 2023

Mr. Kevin Dereck
HR Manager
Central Hospital
45 Watson Square
Charlotte, NC 56439

Dear Mr. Dereck:

Your job advertisement for a medical transcriptionist at Central Hospital caught my eye. As a recent graduate in medical transcription, I am not only fully equipped with the skills this vacancy calls for but I also bring updated knowledge of the latest trends and formats being followed in the field of medical transcription.

As can be seen in the attached resume, I possess strong knowledge of common medical terminology along with profound PC operation skills which will come in very handy in the given role. My professors have always praised my profound collaboration skills and ability to communicate clearly which is also crucial in this role.

I strongly believe that the medical transcription department at the central hospital will greatly benefit from my profound ability to operate steno-typing equipment aptly to generate accurate medical content and I look forward to joining your team and putting my skills to productive use.

I would like to see you in an interview and elaborate on the relevance of my candidacy with your announced position in further detail. I intend to follow up on this application next week. In the meantime, I’d be glad to answer any queries regarding my background at (000) 951-8521.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Harris Anderson