EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 2, 2021

Emergency medical technicians are lifesavers. The first person you see at the scene of an accident or assault is an EMT trying to revive the victim or help transport him to a hospital.

EMTs are trained professionals who provide on-site medical care to ensure the resuscitation of the victim and provide critical care.

An EMT resume is an essential part of your job application package, but your cover letter is equally important in making a superior impression for a prospective employer.

Therefore, spend plenty of time building a great cover letter to increase your chances of success.

The cover letter sample below will provide you with a base on how to write your own when applying for the EMT position.

EMT Cover Letter Example

August 2, 2021

Mr. Davis Emery
Manager Human Resources
Hall Ambulance
892 Main Street
Huntington, WV 78933

Dear Mr. Emery:

I am interested in speaking with you regarding an emergency medical technician position with Hall Ambulance. With a solid background in medical emergency management and five years of field experience, I am confident that my contribution as an Emergency Medical Technician at Hall Ambulance will be unmatched.

As required, I am well-versed in administering medications and life support care on-site and possess expertise in handling medical transport procedures and equipment safely and efficiently. My current West Virginia License as an Emergency Medical Technician makes my candidacy stronger for this position.

Since I am ready on my feet at all times, I can reach a scene of accident or assault without delay which accounts for never being late in an emergency. I can manage stress very well which is why during the most extreme scenarios, I do not pause to help a person in distress.

As I am eager to make an immense contribution to your success, I believe we should speak in person. Unless I hear from you first, I will call you next week to arrange an interview. You may contact me at the number provided below.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Sincere regards,

Scot Maynard

(000) 976-3848

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