EMT Job Description and Salary

Updated on March 3, 2018

Emergency medical technicians or EMTs assist public in emergencies such as accidents, fires, strokes and distress.

They are responsible for ensuring that they reach the scene of the emergency promptly so that any further potential harm does not occur.

EMTs respond to calls from 911 operators and are required to arrive on the scene in a timely fashion. They ensure that victims or patients are given First Aid or CPR so that they are in a condition to be moved to a hospital.

Once an emergency medical technician has made sure that the patient is well enough to travel, he or she makes arrangements to place the patient on a stretcher or backboard and assists in transporting them to the hospital. In most cases,

EMTs travel to the scene of crime or accident in an ambulance. In severe cases, they also travel in helicopters.

Once an EMT has delivered the patient to a trauma department, it is up to him or her to provide accurate information to the medical staff on duty. To better understand what other responsibilities an EMT is required to perform, have a look at the following list of duties for this position.


EMT Job Responsibilities and Duties


• Respond to calls from 911 operators and rush to the scene of accident or crime.

• Help in resuscitating patients on the scene in a bid to make them stable enough to travel to a hospital.

• Provide medical assistance such as dressing wounds and administering CPR and First Aid.

• Promptly and correctly analyze patients’ physical situation to determine the course of treatment.

• Perform measures to stop or control excessive bleeding and prevent shock and spinal damage.

• Attempt to keep patients’ conditions stable as much as possible especially en-route to the hospital.

• Perform assistance in transferring patients to emergency or trauma units inside hospitals.

• Help in calming down families by providing them comfort and limited information.

• Create patient reports and provide necessary information to medical staff at hospitals.

• Manage decontamination of the interior of the ambulance especially in the event of carrying a patient who may have a contagious disease.

EMT Salary

The United States Bureau of Statistics expects a 9% employment growth of EMT profession by the year 2018.

As of 2013, the mean annual salary for emergency medical technicians is around $38,000 and will grow as the demand for this position rise in coming years.