ED Tech Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 14, 2015

Many candidates believe that name popping is the best way of ensuring the success of your cover letter. Personal referrals work wonders, there is no doubt about that. So if you have a personal reference in the organization that you are applying to, you are lucky. But not everyone is as lucky. If you do not have the benefit of a personal reference, you can take another high-octane approach – launching your letter with a clear statement of what you want, promptly followed by the qualifying benefits you offer to the company.

Another way to do this is to energize your opening by creating a narrative hook. A narrative hook is an opening that hooks the reader’s attention to keep scooting down the page. In cover letters, this is usually a thematic statement and is often followed by a flashback of the history the reader needs to understand it.

Advice alert: Do not waste your time and the employer’s by focusing on the source of the job post to which you are replying. You need to sell yourself and not tell it like it is! Ordinary openings will get you nowhere – you will be standing amongst the dozen or more candidates who have used the same mundane cover letter approaches. So how do you go about it?

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ED Tech Cover Letter Sample


Veronica Lodge
25 Alex Street
Omaha, NE 60121
(000) 212-8574
verlodge @ email .com

September 14, 2015

Ms. Elizabeth Hornet
Manager Human Resource
Floyd Memorial Hospital
618 S 182nd Circle
Omaha, NE 68172


Dear Ms. Hornet:

I have a successful and reliable work history of dealing with patients, which would make me an excellent choice for the position of an ED tech at Floyd Memorial Hospital. Interested? My resume would like to meet you, and so would I. Here is why:

• Hands-on experience in assisting practitioners and nurses in implementing plans of care for emergency care patients
• Documented success in performing patient care procedures and treatments in sync with devised plans of care
• Competent at observing patients and reporting their conditions to appropriate supervisors to ensure constant care and evaluation
• Adept at handling non-invasive monitoring systems such as taking and recoding vitals, placing oxygen saturation equipment properly and observing cardiac monitors on a constant basis

I will contact you within a few days to determine if and when your schedule will allow us to meet, which I am sure will offer profitable vistas for both of us. If you need any further information about my suitability for this position, please contact me at (000) 212-8574.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Veronica Lodge

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