Bank Relationship Manager Job Description

Updated on April 14, 2018

Position Overview

Relationship managers work in banks where their primary responsibility is to make sure that clients are provided with information on the different ways in which banking products and services can help them meet their specific financial goals.

Many relationship managers are hired at the entry level, but they are also hired for positions which require experience.

Position Requirements

To work as a bank relationship manager, you have to possess a degree in a degree in a discipline related to banking. This could be business, accounting, and economics.

As a bank relationship manager, you will be required to provide excellent client services, ensuring that all clients are satisfied completely. Also, it is essential for bank relationship managers to be knowledgeable about the bank’s services, and financial products, and how they can assist clients in terms of profit and interest.

Since working as a bank relationship manager means that you have to be in constant contact with customers, it is crucial to possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. Also, you will need to be patient, especially in situations such as customer dissatisfaction, and the competition is moving in. Excellent analytic skills and the ability to handle many tasks at the same time are prerequisites for working at this position.

Some of the primary duties of a person working as a bank relationship manager are highlighted in the list below:

Bank Relationship Manager Duties & Responsibilities

• Welcome walk-in clients as they enter the bank, and inquire into their purpose of visit.

• Provide clients with information on available resources and products, in sync with their specific financial goals.

• Respond to clients’ questions and concerns, regarding their eligibility for banking products and services.

• Provide clients with brochures to help them understand the intricacies of each plan.

• Market banking products by providing customers with information on profits and interests.

• Cultivate and maintain a good rapport with clients, aimed at ensuring repeat business from them.

• Ascertain that clients’ account opening work in expedited as per the regulations on the bank.

• Identify and exploit cross-selling opportunities, convincing clients to make the bank the choice for investment.

• Set up meetings with new clients, in a bid to solicit business from them, and meet the bank’s financial goals.

• Manage and develop a portfolio of banking clients, targeted at deepening and broadening relationships.

• Prepare credit proposals for existing and new clients, ensuring that all is being done in sync with the discretionary authority’s guidelines.

• Conduct regular reviews on clients’ accounts, and take proactive measures to ensure that quality of credit products is maintained.