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Updated on: December 15, 2022

Are you thinking of applying for a software quality assurance tester position?

Think no more. Do! Start writing a cover letter to apply for the job.

If you are new to the work, you must read what we have to say here.

Remember that the hiring manager is not looking for an experienced position if he or she has specifically asked for a newly graduated SW QA tester. So, you are good!

But you do have to write a cover letter that sells you as a possible candidate for the job for which you are applying.

For a software quality assurance tester position, you need to fill your cover letter with information about your skills in analyzing system specifications and performing tests in order to determine standards.

This information will be extremely important to a hiring manager, which is why it is imperative that you offer it properly.

Here is a cover letter sample for a software quality assurance tester position with no experience in hand.

Entry Level Software Quality Assurance Cover Letter No Experience

Midge Geller
(000) 293-2948
[email protected]

December 15, 2022

Mr. Carl Garbo
Human Resources Manager
ABC Company
10 Nash Road
Mobile, AL 00933

Dear Mr. Garbo:

I’m excited by the possibility of joining ABC Company as your software quality assurance tester. The alignment between my qualifications and your job description is perfect from all ends. 

My 3-month internship in software testing helped me understand the metrics of the work. Specifically, I am knowledgeable about analyzing software and applications in order to ensure that they remain in sync with requirements and standards.

My ability to carry out stress, performance and functional testing is spot on. Additionally, I am well-versed in writing and executing testing scripts, and handling testing work in different environments, such as mobile and web. Furthermore, I can write bug reports and can effectively provide debugging and troubleshooting suggestions.

Carrying out resource planning and reviewing documentation are also areas in that I am highly skilled. I am sure that once we sit face to face, I will be able to further elaborate on my suitability for a software quality assurance tester job at your organization. I will remain in touch with your office. If you need to contact me in the interim, please call (000) 293-2948.

Thank you for your consideration of me as a candidate for the Software Quality Assurance position at SMI Software Developers Inc.


Midge Geller

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