Receiving Associate Job Description for Resume

Updated on: April 7, 2021
Receiving Associate Position Overview

Companies employ many different types of people to help them handle the varied tasks inside their warehouses. One such position is that of a receiving associate who is primarily responsible for examining shipments when they arrive, to ensure that the correct contents have been received.

They are known for their exactness and prude attitude since they are responsible for the accuracy of the goods that come into a warehouse.

Receiving Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Study work orders to determine type and quantity of items to be received
• Receive incoming materials from vendors or other warehouses
• Assist in unloading trucks and placing items on delivery pallets
• Verify the quantity and type of each received item by matching it with the work order
• Prepare to receive reports to be handed over to delivery drivers and ensure that they are appropriately signed
• Reject damaged items and contact vendors to inform them about the number of such items
• Ensure that additional items are procured by creating and maintaining effective communication with vendors
• Appropriately record any discrepancies in item quality or type
• Arrange for received items to be taken into storage areas and placed on shelves following an appropriate numbering/inventory system
• Attach identifying tags or labels to each item to ensure batch and product information is made visible
• Respond to inquiries about customers’ orders by providing status of delivery and/or availability
• Punch in key information such as shipment receiving time, number of items received, and discrepancy information into the company-provided database
• Coordinate efforts with custodial staff to ensure proper cleanliness of the warehouse areas at all times
• Assist in picking., packing, and shipping orders out to customers or other warehouses

Receiving Associate Job Requirements

To work as a receiving associate, one has to possess a high school diploma and some knowledge of how the shipment business works. If you have had experience in working for a freight company, you will be considered a good candidate to work in a warehouse, as both these work on the same mechanics.

Receiving associates are required to be physically strong as they often have to do a lot of bending, stooping and lifting. Their job does not end until scheduled shipments are received and properly logged into the system. These people have to be alert and detail-oriented as a huge part of their work revolves around making sure that the shipments received are in accordance with the warehouse’s requirements, mentioned in the work order.