Project Manager Resume Example

Updated on March 4, 2018


High-quality paper and standard formats make a significant difference on how a hiring manager perceives a resume.

Project manager resumes must be logically organized and contain no spelling or typographical errors.

Using a positive tone is not only necessary for cover letter writing – it is equally imperative to sound confident when you prepare your resume.

Easily read translates into easily scanned. Recruiters do not spend a lot of time going through resumes – a balance between characters and whitespace is essential to make resumes readable within a few seconds.

Here is a tried and tested project manager resume sample that you can use:


Project Manager Resume Example



Mia Johansen

45 Elm Street ● Burwell, NE 86974 ● (000) 303-8585 ● [EmAIL]



Self-directed, resourceful project manager with a 15-plus-year track record of ensuring project delivery within deadlines and allocated budgets. Exceptionally talented in coordinating with internal resources to ascertain flawless project execution, defining project scope and goals by employing strategic initial planning directives and incorporating changes to the project scope, schedule and costs by using specific verification techniques.

A visionary leader who has a demonstrated expertise in developing and implementing detailed project plans to monitor and track progress and reducing the risk for individualized projects through effective implementation of risk management procedures.


• Process Improvement• Performance Management
• Change Implementation• Correction Initiation
• Strategic Planning• Standards Implementation
• System Improvements• Forecasting
• Budget Development• Trends Identification
• Auditing Support• Expenditure Scheduling


CATAPULT SYSTEMS, Burwell, NE | Apr 2007 – Present
Project Manager

• Determine the purpose of each project and strategize its initiation.
• Coordinate resources, manpower, and third parties to meet the requirements of the project.
• Interview, hire and train project members to ensure that an appropriate mix of personnel is available.
• Define project scopes and goals and set appropriate deadlines.
• Ascertain that resources are available and are correctly allocated.
• Develop and implement detailed project plans to ensure effective monitoring and progress tracking.
• Change project scopes and schedules according to the dynamic needs of each module.
• Contribute information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews.
• Prepare action plans and implement standards of customer services, quality, productivity, and production.
• Forecast requirements, prepare annual budgets and schedule expenditures.

Key Achievements
• Created and implemented production, productivity, customer service and quality standards in an organizational structure that had worked haphazardly previously.
• Identified a key market trend that proved invaluable in handling planning activities for a $5m project.
• Improved processes associated with individual modules, increasing efficiency of each by a staggering 67%.
• Simultaneously led 4 projects, ensuring efficacy and timely delivery of all.

DEALERTRACK, Burwell, NE | May 2000 – Apr 2007
Assistant Project Manager

• Defined project scopes by providing assistance to project management team concerning logistics.
• Arranged for resources and workforce to be assigned to each project module.
• Created clear and attainable objectives with support from the project management team.
• Drove team collaboration and open client communication to minimize uncertainty.
• Created and maintained liaison with third parties to ensure timely delivery of supplies and resources.

Master’s Degree in Business Administration
Concentration: Information Technology Management