Compensation and Benefits Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: July 14, 2020

A resume for a compensation and benefits manager should include all your experience and skills in the work.

A comprehensive resume will ensure that you are selected for an interview. But it is important to offer information exactly as the hiring manager wants it.

For instance, you must ensure that your knowledge of creating and implementing pay and compensation plans is included.

Also, highlight your experience in developing retirement and health plans.

To see how you can write your very own resume for this position, take a look at the following sample:

Sample Resume for Compensation and Benefits Manager

Sarah Shatner
944 Beach Road, Buffalo, NY35799
(000) 999-9999


Exceptionally talented leader with over 8 years of experience in a compensation and benefits capacity. Highly skilled in creating and implementing pay and benefits plans in accordance with company, federal, and state policies.

• Devised a unique compensation plan, increasing employee satisfaction by 50%.
• Implemented a budget preparation system, hence, decreased administration time by 55%.
• Successfully implemented a reporting and tracking system, thereby, reducing problems associated with efficiency.
• Trained 50+ individuals to work in compensation and benefits capacity as part of their induction.

• Pay Structure Setting
• Benefits Planning
• Retirement Plans Handling
• State Compliance
• Budget Preparation
• Compensation Plans Modification


Compensation and Benefits Manager
Goel Services Inc., Buffalo, NY | 2015-present

• Confer with HR and management in order to determine pay scales for different levels
• Create and implement pay structures in accordance with set protocols
• Determine competitive wages by performing thorough research
• Design and deliver compensation packages and bonus programs
• Ensure compliance of salaries and benefits with company, state, and federal guidelines
• Conduct research on employee satisfaction by using surveys and other data
• Renew compensation plans as and when required
• Track and report on prevailing pay rates
• Evaluate the efficacy of compensation and benefits plans

Compensation and Benefits Officer
Dill Construction, Buffalo, NY | 2007-2015

• Assisted in the design and management of salary and compensation plans
• Collected information in order to provide wage data to managers
• Analyzed surveys to ensure appropriate compensation across the board
• Oversee the administration of pension and savings plans
• Research job and worker requirements and reported on them

Bachelor of Business Administration
Buffalo Business School, Buffalo, NY – 2006

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