Nurse Manager Cover Letter Sample and Guide

Updated on: September 1, 2022

As a Nurse Manager, you might possess the perfect skills and experience a prospective healthcare facility is looking for. 

But, if you do not create a good first impression, you most likely will not even get a chance for a nurse manager interview.

Your cover letter for the nurse manager’s resume is one of the first things a hiring manager views. Therefore, put your best efforts to make it compelling.

Learn from the example below how to write a cover letter for the Nurse Manager position. It highlights the job seeker’s skills and capabilities which will increase their chances of success.

Nurse Manager Cover Letter Example

Sally Hobbs
8 NW Street
Seattle, WA 97999
(000) 555-8547

September 1, 2022

Mr. David Johnson
Family Hospice
9 NW 66th Street
Seattle, WA 47844

Dear Mr. Johnson:

I am very interested in the position of Nurse Manager currently available at the Family Hospice. As a successful registered nurse with a Master’s Degree in Management and nearly a decade of hands-on experience, I am enthusiastic to put my capabilities to the development of your facility.

Since I have worked in this capacity for so long, I can perform the core duties of this position efficiently and effectively. My natural leadership talent provides me with the ability to set objectives and manage assigned patient care areas. 

Furthermore, I am proficient in evaluating the patient’s condition and devising care plans that best suit each patient. I have had the opportunity to learn on the job that it is crucial to possess sound judgment that is in turn essential in modifying care plans subject to changes in the situation. Furthermore, I have a profound ability to analyze situations and apply critical thinking. My attached resume will provide you with further details regarding my claims here. 

Possessing all these skills along with extensive nursing experience makes me a perfect candidate for the position of Nurse Manager at Family Hospice.

Although my attached resume contains complete details of my qualifications, it is not an alternative to an interview. That’s why I’d like to meet with you to discuss my qualifications in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sally Hobbs

Enc. Resume

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