20 Pharmacy Technician Achievements for Resume

Updated on: August 7, 2023

A pharmacy technician is responsible for dispensing medications, decoding medical prescriptions, preparing and selling medicines, and assisting patients in understanding the correct dosage and usage of prescribed medicines. The position is additionally responsible for processing insurance claims.

In order to succeed as a pharmacy technician, basic knowledge of pharmaceutical formulae, medical coding, and dosage calculations in addition to strong organizational and communication skills are required. However, what matters most is whether or not your resume’s professional achievements section is convincing enough for the employer.

If you want to secure a job as a pharmacy technician, a standard resume that simply states the job duties in terms of experience does not suffice. In today’s job market, it is very important to add some professional achievements to your resume in order to make it appealing to employers.

Any improvement that you brought into your workplace is a professional accomplishment; it can be a procedure you revised or safety protocols you implemented.

Here are 20 sample achievements for a pharmacy technician resume.

Sample Achievements for Pharmacy Technician Resume

  1. Reduced medicine wastage rate due to expiry by 30% through vigilant inventory management and ordering supplies twice a week after careful analysis of availability, stock levels, and expiry dates.
  2. Ensured 100% availability of all medicines needed on a daily basis by streamlining the inventory processing mechanism and implementing relevant checklists.
  3. Designed a Performa for keeping track of the shelf life of tonics and supplements and ensured wastage of the same beyond the date of expiry.
  4. Reduced medicine retrieval, dispensing, and order processing time by 5 minutes on average by arranging all medicines strategically, formula-name wise in alphabetic order.
  5. Reduced billing time by 20% through the allocation of separate checkout counters for surgical, medical, and cosmetic supplies.
  6. Secured 100% positive customer satisfaction reviews by explaining the prescription and calculating the dosages for patients according to formulae prescribed by medical practitioners.
  7. Enhanced the accuracy of components, quantity, weight, and volume in solutions and tonics by up to 99.9% by developing and implementing a sticker format for each bottle.
  8. Earned employee of the year award for the year 2022 based on outstanding performance and demonstration of excellent skills in medicine dispensing.
  9. Reduced patient insurance processing time by 30% through the development and execution of a swift processing and verification mechanism for the same.
  10. Generated additional sales by $5000 per month by resolving patient grievances, handling inbound inquiries, and dispensing the medicine in an effective manner.
  11. Implemented a professional filing system to bring all sales on record and was highly appreciated for this initiative.
  12. Initiated a color coding system for the storage of medicines with special instructions and segregated the ones needing refrigeration, the hazardous ones, and the ones with short shelf life.
  13. Increased accuracy and timeliness of outbound deliveries by 50% through the implementation of strict policy adherence checks and follow-up.
  14. Increased sales of cosmetic and prosthetic products by 30% through appealing displays and digital marketing campaigns for the same.
  15. Increased clientele by 40% through the implementation of a 24-hour helpline to provide guidance to patients regarding the dosage and usage of prescribed medications over the phone.
  16. Reduced order processing and billing time by 5 minutes per order through the implementation of an innovative timeline checklist initiative.
  17. Hired and trained 3 new employees in the last 1 year for a newly opened branch of the pharmacy who are now working independently.
  18. Participated in two international workshops conducted by American Heart Association regarding pharmaceutical practices and modern technology.
  19. Reduced information retrieving time from insurance companies by collaboration with third parties for swift insurance claim verification.
  20. Initiated a separate setup for cancer medications and chemotherapy protocols to ensure patient care and sanitization standards for cancer patients.

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