Hard Skills Statements for Maintenance Manager Resume

Updated July 28, 2021
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The declaration that you are skilled is unfortunately not enough to convince a hiring manager that you are suitable for a job. By simply saying that you are qualified will not make you come across as a qualified individual. You have to prove it as well.

Your first interaction with a hiring manager is through a resume and cover letter. Use both these tools to provide information on your skills and you will see that your credibility will increase manifold in the eyes of a future employer.

There are some soft skills that all employers want, regardless of the position applied for. Then there are some hard skills that are required only because you have applied to a certain position.

For instance, you cannot work well as a manager if you do not have great organization skills, so a hiring manager will expect you to mention that you do have them in a resume or a cover letter – preferably both.

Some examples of job-specific skills for a maintenance manager are listed below:

Key Hard Skills for Maintenance Manager Resume

• Highly experienced in controlling the upkeep and maintenance of entrusted property by ensuring that all maintenance operations are handled in a time-efficient manner.

• Solid track record of efficiently conducting inspections of premises to secure them properly and determine needs for repair and maintenance.

• Deep insight into coordinating regular and emergency repairs and ensuring that fire protection systems and equipment are constantly in check.

• Proficient in overseeing all activities within the maintenance department to ensure that they are managed within the set budget.

• Focused on monitoring and implementing facility equipment safety programs so that they follow set regulations and protocols.

• Adept at adequately training and mentoring technicians to ensure that the company’s maintenance goals are consistently met.

• Unmatched ability to efficiently coordinate personnel schedules with a view to providing adequate manpower coverage to support maintenance operations.

• First-hand experience in managing, coordinating, and providing oversight for contract line maintenance activities.

• Competent in collaborating with other departments to resolve maintenance problems to ensure that they do not adversely affect production.

• Well-versed in implementing preventative and predictive maintenance programs on all company machinery and equipment.

• Effectively able to observe and enforce safe work practice adherence and coach employees to work according to maintenance SOPs.