Building Manager Skills and Abilities

Updated on: August 11, 2019

For a hiring manager to trust you enough to give you a job as a building manager, you have to convince him or her that you are skilled enough for it.

As a building manager, your skills and abilities are what will sell you as a possible candidate for a position.


If you mention them in a cover letter and a resume, you have a greater chance of being called in for an interview as opposed to not mentioning them at all.

In a building manager resume, there is a special section for skills. Also, building manager cover letters are all about skills and abilities.

Basically, you will be doing your candidature a great favor if you present this information in your core job application documents.

As far as building manager skills and abilities are concerned, you must highlight why you feel that there is no one better than you to do the job.


Leadership qualities, knowledge of overseeing work of cleaning and maintenance staff, and the ability to ensure a safe place for residents need to be highlighted.

A list of skills and abilities for a building manager position is provided here for your reference:


Building Manager Skills and Abilities

• Highly skilled in maintaining a safe environment for residents and visitors

• Effectively able to monitor entrances and egresses in order to ensure that unauthorized personnel do not enter

• Deeply familiar with creating and implementing core plans to ensure building safety

• Demonstrated expertise in drafting and implementing emergency plans and evacuation processes

• Exceptionally talented in overseeing fire prevention and other safety systems

• Well-versed in creating and maintaining liaison with different professionals in order to ensure proper repair and maintenance of assigned buildings

• Unmatched ability to administer and monitor building maintenance budgets

• Competent in resolving problems such as occupant complaints in accordance with set protocols

• Qualified to respond to residents’ needs and problems, and provide them with the required information

• Proficient in inspecting building interior and exterior so as to ensure proper security

• Adept at responding to emergent situations such as thefts and fire breakouts in a prioritized manner

• Experienced in creating daily schedules, and assigning work tasks to employees

• Expert in continually evaluating the effectiveness of maintenance procedures and programs

• Skilled in making schedule adjustments in order to provide clean facilities during peak hours

• Talented in creating and maintaining records of residents, and ensuring updates as necessary

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