Business Manager Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: August 1, 2021

When you write a business manager resume, you just cannot afford to take risks.

Making resumes wholesome is the job of the people writing them. And it is not just the education and experience parts that make them good reads. You have to focus on your achievements as well.

How to write Accomplishments or Achievements on a Business Manager Resume?

Writing accomplishments in a resume is the farthest thing on our minds when we write a resume.

Provide hiring managers with information on what makes you an excellent contender to hire for a position, by highlighting all that you have achieved in the past few years is what is required here.

Determining what you may have accomplished in the past may be a bit dodgy. It helps if you have kept track of what you have contributed in a certain capacity though. But if you haven’t, you will just need to go back and figure out what it was that made you the person you are today.

Mistakes to avoid

Many applicants mistakenly write their job duties as accomplishment statements in their resumes, leaving hiring managers scratching their heads about why a particular sentence sounds odd. Do not let that happen.

Looking through the following samples of accomplishments statements will give you a better view of what you can write as your own:

Sample Accomplishments for Business Manager Resume

• Successfully built sustainable relationships with 6 corporate clients, all of whom provided the company with great business opportunities.

• Increased the company’s client portfolio by 65%, through aggressive marketing and business development activities.

• Implemented a series of business case models and analytics, which were highly commended by the management.

• Singlehandedly built frameworks and tools, which successfully optimized product-specific initiatives as well as supporting new areas of exploration.

• Independently ran ad-hoc projects that were aimed at analyzing and understanding the business implications of proposed decisions.

• Introduced the concept of research and development roadmaps, making the process of business development much more precise.

• Singlehandedly drove a series of project-based initiatives, which were considered the best within the last 5 years.

• Successfully provided project management support for a series of strategic initiatives, resulting in great success for the company in terms of business development.

• Credited with building product launch plans, which were crucial to the success of assortment in the product channel.

• Commended for working cross-functionally to ensure planning and execution of the business assigned business development plan.