Top 10 Business Analyst Achievements for Resume

Updated: September 16, 2022

Professional achievements are an important feature of an effective resume. If you enlist them in a quantified manner, they leave a better impression.

Your achievements basically show what you can do for potential employers. They serve as a trailer of what is there to come in the resume.

Quantified achievements are the best way of getting your resume the attention it deserves. The recruiters want to know what you are capable of achieving if hired.

Here are tips on how to showcase your professional achievements.

Throw in numbers

Numbers in terms of revenue generation, profit enhancement, and sales are the best way to attract the recruiter’s attention.

Show what you can do

State your responsibilities in a clear, concise, and result-oriented manner and mention the most relevant results you have produced in your previous job.

Use action verbs

The choice of correct and powerful action verbs is very crucial in stating your achievements. Use impactful words like increased, implemented, attained, etc.

Make your job duties look like achievements

If you are not having any worth mentioning quantifiable achievements make maximum use of your job duties and write them in a manner that showcases how you contributed positively while performing the same.

The following are 10 achievement samples for a business analyst resume.

Top 10 Achievements for Business Analyst Resume

1. Doubled the client base by implementing effective user engagement strategies based on analysis of the feedback received from old customers.
2. Decreased audit time by 2 hours on average by streamlining the progression of routine business process analysis.
3. Reduced IT infrastructure costs by 20% through the implementation of smart and digital business solutions.
4. Carried out 4 internal audits in 3 months and generated reports for the same resulting in revamping the whole business process for the better.
5. Implemented a new project and launched the same with a grand opening that resulted in a 30% increase in gross revenue.
6. Generated additional revenue of $40000 by reaching out to existing clients for referral clients and securing productive deals with them.
7. Achieved and exceeded the annual project milestones by 40% in the last fiscal year through the implementation of result-oriented business strategies.
8. Upgraded the existing internal tracking system with help of the latest software that reduced tracking time by 5 minutes per transaction and helped in attaining 100% financial transparency.
9. Overhauled the internal audit mechanism and ensured 100% compliance of business transactions with the General Principles of corporate accounting.
10. Revamped the digital marketing campaign and attained a 20% increase in return on Income through social media and optimized digital marketing platforms.

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