Building Manager Resume Sample

Updated on August 10, 2019


A building manager resume must be able to impress a hiring manager to immediately make that all-important interview call.

This is only possible if you possess the knowledge and experience of working as a building manager, and can effectively place it into the resume.

Choosing a friendly format is foremost. Then, you need to see how you can place information into the chosen format.

Your education, skills, experience, competencies, and accomplishments in a building manager role must be made part of the resume.

To see how you can format and word your resume for a building manager position, take a look at the following sample:

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Building Manager Resume Sample

Aaron Nicholson
42 Mantis Road, Portland, OR 54792
(000) 999-9999


Experienced building manager with a solid track record of working in a residential and commercial building capacity. Highly skilled in hiring and training personnel to work in a repair and maintenance capacity., Effectively able to ensure assigned building security, and occupants’ safety.


• Security Oversight
• Occupant Safety
• Repair and Maintenance
• Records Maintenance
• Staff Training and Development
• Fire Prevention
• Disputes Resolving
• Annual Budget Preparation
• Loss Control
• Complaint Handling
• Entrance / Egress Control

• Replaced the existing security system with a unique one, as a result, increased security by 65%
• Implemented a tenant records maintenance system, considered 50% more accurate than the one in use
• Introduced a fire prevention system, thereby, decreased chances of fire breaking out by 80%
• Devised an entrance and egress control plan, hence, increased building security by 50%


Building Manager
Cameron Residential, Portland, OR | 2011-present

• Oversee entrances and exits in order to discourage unauthorized personnel from entering buildings
• Plan and organize repair and maintenance plans
• Assigns work to repair, maintenance, cleaning, and security personnel
• Oversee the work of staff members in order to ensure that they work towards assigned goals
• Hire and train employees to work within different areas of the building
• Create advertisements in order to let the general public know about vacant apartments
• Handle quality control work specific to the assigned building
• Keep building owners informed of building statuses
• Handle emergency situations such as fires and thefts according to protocol
• Create and maintain records of residents and employees

Assistant Building Manager
Bordertown Residential, Portland, OR |2007-2011

• Checked egresses and entrances in order to ensure that they were safe from malicious activities
• Inspected building interior and exterior on a daily basis
• Recorded need for repair and maintenance, and made arrangements to have them seen to
• Oversaw the work of building maintenance, cleaning, repair personnel
• Responded to complaints in accordance with procedure

High School Diploma
Portland High School, Portland, OR – 2009

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