16 Apartment/Building Manager Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: March 25, 2023

A recruiter who receives an apartment/building manager resume that has an empty accomplishments section, will not favor the resume on the whole. This is because accomplishments are vital to the success of a resume. This is due to the fact that they tell hiring managers what wonderful things an applicant can replicate at the workplace.

As far as accomplishments for an apartment/building manager are concerned, you have to concentrate on the value that you brought to a previous employer.

This could be something as simple as reorganizing the building maintenance scheduling system. It shows that the applicant worked hard and achieved something of great importance.

In essence, accomplishment statements need to be written with great care. Showing that you contributed in a positive manner is vital to your resume’s success. However, accomplishment statements are notoriously complicated to write.

Just so that skills/duties are not confused with your accomplishments as a building manager, let us provide you with heads up on what to write in them:

16 Sample Achievements for Apartment Manager Resume

  1. Successfully implemented a core resident management system, replacing the old, inefficient one.
  2. Singlehandedly managed 50+ resident enrollments in one hour, on an especially busy day at work.
  3. Devised a contract renewal system that decreased renewal time by 55%.
  4. Suggested incorporation of a community program, as a result, increased community engagement and trust.
  5. Decreased checking time by 75% by implementing a unique potential tenants background check system.
  6. Trained 50 individuals to work as building support workers as part of their induction program.
  7. Unearthed a shady deal taking place on the premises, by recognizing signs of trouble, and intervening immediately.
  8. Increased building and residents’ safety by introducing a series of safety programs.
  9. Lesd a 10-story building cleanup program in conjunction with a local cleaning service.
  10. Decreased residents’ complaints by consistently providing high-quality services to each apartment
  11. Increased customer interest in the apartment building, by marketing its safety features.
  12. Retained 2 residents post altercation, by intervening at the right time and resolving the issue immediately.
  13. Successfully implemented a resident records management system, considered 80% safer and more confidential than the one already in place.
  14. Initiated a building inspection system that increased building and resident security by 50%.
  15. Amplified demand by implementing building cosmetic procedures.
  16. Improved ties with residents, resulting in decreased resident-management issues.

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