Building Maintenance Manager Job Description

Updated October 31, 2018

Position Overview

The main work of a building maintenance manager is to ensure that assigned buildings remain in a constant state of repair and maintenance.

However, this is not the only work he does. As a building manager, one has to handle a wide range of duties to include developing maintenance strategies and overseeing staff members’ work.

Additionally, it is his responsibility to oversee the completion of work by obtaining vendor quotes and ensuring work quality.

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Building Maintenance Manager Job Description

• Inspect buildings on a daily basis to determine needs for repair and maintenance.

• Delegate work to team members.

• Oversee the work of staff and guide them accordingly.

• Create and implement strategies to ensure assigned buildings remain in good repair.

• Check team members’ work on a daily basis in order to improve their progress.

• Ensure routine calibration and maintenance of equipment required for maintenance purposes.

• Oversee inventory control, especially stock levels.

• Conduct risk assessments of maintenance processes.

• Set department goals and objectives while identifying the required actions.

• Promote high work standards, specifically to ensure community satisfaction.

• Prepare annual maintenance budgets while keeping the expense within limitations.

• Implement health and safety measures, to include team education and protocol execution.

• Prepare daily and weekly schedules.

• Provide direction to team members.

• Eliminate building deficiencies and improve park facilities.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of maintenance procedures.

• Make appropriate changes to improve quality.

• Purchase supplies and equipment, and store them in appropriate areas.

• Actively respond to community member’s complaints in order to resolve them immediately.

Building Maintenance Manager Qualifications

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a building maintenance manager. Some prior experience will be a plus.

While working at this position, it is imperative to possess knowledge of building systems principles and procedures.

Also, applicable local, state and federal laws and rules must be taken into account. Moreover, a building maintenance manager must be able to lead by example. Providing mentoring and guidance is all in a day’s work for someone working at this position.

Particularly, building maintenance managers must know how to develop maintenance strategies and delegate tasks. Since a lot depends on how well they lead their teams, so they have to be great mentors.

Besides that, it is imperative for them to be proficient in financial and budget management.

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