Branch Manager Cover Letter Tips

Your cover letter for Branch Manager position should:

• Contain professional language instead of slang

• Be clearly referring to branch manager post

• Not contain grammatical errors or spelling mistakes

• Personally address your letter to the employer

• State facts; do not provide incorrect information that you will not be able to prove in an interview

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Branch Manager Resume Cover Letter Example


3400 NW 15th Street
Lauderhill, FL 33311

October 11, 2014

Mr. Victor Cruz
HR Manager
Border States Electric
105 25th St N
Fargo, ND 58102


Dear Mr. Cruz:

I read the article in TED magazine about Border States Electric getting the Best of the Best award for Workplace environment and it persuaded me to research about your company. Going through your website I came across the advertisement of the Branch Manager Position currently open at your Farmington office. Therefore, I am writing to apply for this position believing my management experience and charismatic personality could bring Border States to the new heights of success.

As evident from my resume, my academic and professional credentials closely match the list of prerequisites mentioned in your job description. During my job as an Admin Manager at TruGreen, I organized and motivated my subordinates to perform their best using my great leadership abilities. I have been working here for the past three years and was awarded with an appreciation certificate by the SNU Korean Delegation which was a Korean company client team, in 2010.

Apart from that, I also worked with the board of managers at TruGreen for six months. There, I was responsible for training new employees in coordination with the HR department. While managing the team of 550 employees, I have reduced the number of complaints from five daily to none. Looking at the variety of different work procedures at work, you can see that I possess proven ability to multi-task and empower a team effectively. In addition, being an active participator of numerous co-curricular activities during academics, my necessary exposure to organizational management is polished significantly.

It will be my honor if you review my enclosed resume which contains detailed information about my credentials. I hope to see you soon in an interview to discuss how I could be a valuable addition to your firm. For more details you can contact me at 000-345-0089. Thank you very much for your time.



Davis Black