Bank Manager Cover Letter Sample

When writing your bank manager cover letter, be careful not to oversell or undersell your candidacy. To determine the right amount of convincing required it is very important to know your reader and understand their needs. This implies that the first step in cover letter writing process must be research.

This research has to be very extensive. You need to find out the culture and norms prevalent in the bank you wish to apply at and then tune your letter accordingly. It is advisable to look up and incorporate some key terms as well. These help in optimization of the letter and make it search engine friendly.

A good cover letter is always customized and tailored to appeal to a certain prospective employer. Make sure your cover letter highlights the skills mentioned in the job requirements and this definitely means you need to write a separate cover letter for every bank you apply at. Remember, generic cover letters are another name of candidacy suicide. Do not at any cost send a generic cover letter.

Have a look at the sample given below.


Bank Manager Cover Letter Sample


Daniel Fog

548 Everest Ave • Dallas, TX 60032 • (005) 333 – 2222 • daniel @ email . com

September 27, 2014

Mr. Kevin Marshall
HR Manager
9002 North West Lane
Dallas, TX 60032


Dear Mr. Marshall:

I am currently on the lookout for a challenging bank management opportunity in the Dallas region, consequently, the advertisement for the same given by CITI bank piqued my interest. Currently employed in a small set up serving efficiently as branch manager I wish to become a part of the CITI bank’s newly set up branch where I believe my skills and expertise in bank management and CSR delivery can be put to better use.

As you will also note in my enclosed resume, I have been accountable for a vast range of tasks in capacity of branch manager at the IJP bank. This experience has not only polished my branch management skills but has also equipped me with extensive knowledge in banking operations. My exceptional command in handling and utilizing management software, remarkable PC skills and effective CSR database maintenance abilities further qualify me for the vacant bank manager position at CITI Bank.

I have spent the past 5 years in a fast paced environment where team spirit drives profits and customer service is the first and foremost priority. I would very much like to discuss with you how I could contribute positively to CITI bank’s success in the years to come. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Daniel Fog

Encl. Resume

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