Bank Branch Manager Cover Letter Sample

Bank branch managers play key roles in the success of a bank at the branch level. Apart from, hiring, firing, training and supervising bank personnel, they are required to manage a branch in terms of operations and customer support.

The job of a bank branch manager is not easy as there is so much that he has to do on a typical work day. They are expected to meet targets by ensuring that the customer base of the bank is in continuous growth and resolve customer issues.

If you are qualified to work as a bank branch manager, you may be interested in applying for a job using the following cover letter for bank branch manager resume.


Bank Branch Manager Cover Letter Sample


3901 Plantation Drive
Brandon, MS 72273
Cell: (912) 999-999

September 13, 2015

Mr. Joseph Edwards
Manager HR
US Pole Bank
278 Fox Run Lane
Brandon, MS 22654


Dear Mr. Edwards:

My interest in banking stemmed from the internship that I did right after business school. I have come a long way since then and have worked in an array of positions at three banks over the last ten years. Now that I am well versed with the core banking system, I am confident that I qualify for the position of a Bank Branch Manager at US Pole Bank.

The experiences and training that I have acquired over the years has taught me the importance of supporting the overall objectives of the banking system in order to provide the most superior of customer service. The list of my career successes includes; directing branch business development, managing branch campaigns and developing marketing plans that hold specific goals. With strong analytic skills, I am able to determine industry trends and can cater marketing plans accordingly. Since I have great leadership acumen, I am successful in managing bank personnel by ensuring continuous training and mentoring.

Looking at the track record of US Pole Bank, I know that you need a confident, self-motivated and results oriented individual to manage its branches. I am positive that I can convince you of my credibility for this position if I can meet you personally.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Bruce Campbell

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