Automotive F&I Manager Resume Sample & Template

Updated July 23, 2021
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If you want to apply for a new auto finance and insurance manager job, then you will be required to write a resume.

An Automotive F&I Manager Resume writing requires a lot of time. We don’t intend to say that resume writing is difficult. However, it is a bit tricky because a lot depends on how you present yourself in front of a potential employer. That is why so much emphasis is placed on writing the best resume that you possibly can.

The resume has to contain a lot of information in minimum space. That said, you have to omit non-relevant and less important information and experiences from your resume.

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For more information on how to write a resume that will bring results, refer to the sample below:

Sample resume for an Automotive F&I Manager

Robert Rice
8745 Old Tavern Road, Lisle, IL 52033
(000) 452-8574
robrice @ email . com


• 9+ years of experience in arranging external and internal financing, keeping in mind both customer and company benefits.
• Able to develop ideal working relationships between the sales and F&I departments with a view to cultivating benefits for both.
• Focused on structuring deals for maximum profitability and collectability by remaining within company protocols.
• Demonstrated ability to arrange finance and insurance products for customers’ purchases and presenting them with additional (aftermarket) products.
• Proficient in accurately desking deals and submitting them to lenders for approval purposes.
• Effectively able to ensure that all deals are in compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines.

• Asset Protection • Sales Closing
• Aftermarket Selling • Menu Selling
• Counseling • Credit Insurance
• Anti-theft Protection • Interest Calculation
• Finance Arrangements • Deal Delivery
• Registrations and Tags • Vehicle Service Contracts


Automotive F&I Manager
Dec 2018 – Present

• Introduce a “menu selling” procedure that streamlined customer handling tasks.
• Offered low-interest-rate deals that increased customer satisfaction and retention.
• Close a lucrative deal with a multinational company, which resulted in $850,000 of revenue annually for 7 years.
• Confer with clients looking for financing and insurance coverage options for their vehicles.
• Provide customers with information on how to handle financing and insurance coverage by giving them a list of possible options.
• Make financing arrangements with a view of minimizing the impact on the selling gross of the company.
• Create and maintain relationships between financers and borrowers by placing clear instructions and timelines.
• Tie customers close to dealerships in a bid to ensure return business opportunities.
• Create and administer vehicle service contracts, offering mechanical coverage in a bid to generate F&I income.
• Control paperwork once deals are closed and ensure that all information from the customers’ end is complete and accurate.
• Train and educate the sales team to deliver information regarding the benefits of protective products.

Automotive Sales Manager
Mar 2012 – Dec 2018
• Introduced a dynamic interest calculation system, making it easy to calculate financing interests for different customers on the same Excel file.
• Greeted customers and provided them with assistance in choosing vehicles.
• Provided information regarding the features and benefits of chosen vehicles and instructed sales reps to perform demonstrations.
• Suggested financing and insurance coverage avenues for newly bought vehicles and arranged for them on the specific request of customers.
• Provided aftersales services along with ensuring that any problems such as defects are handled according to the company policy.
• Trained sales representatives in initiating and closing sales by providing them with insight into customer services and sales.

Bachelor of Business Administration