Advertising Manager Job Description

Updated on: August 26, 2018

Advertising managers are mostly responsible for promoting a company’s product or service. They work in sync with the company’s marketing and sales departments to formulate and implement strategies to increase sales and customer base.

Moreover, they create a liaison between a company and its customers. Some companies may hire them on an ongoing basis while others hire them on a contractual basis to oversee the planning, development, and execution of advertising and marketing plans. They are also required to drive internal advertising strategies from the time of a product’s inception to its completion.

Another important job of an advertising manager is to conduct performance reviews and assist in the training of sales executives in building and executing action plans to drive both personal and company goals. They lead periodic efforts to maximize sales performance and work with sales executives to ensure that all targets are met adequately.


The prerequisite for an advertising manager’s job is a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a strong focus on advertising. With some knowledge of accounting procedures, advertising managers assist with budgets that are likely to be spent on promotions. They not only work with internal forces to get their work done but collaborate with external advertising agencies to ensure global integration and refine their ideas.

Advertising managers need to be self-motivated and professionally driven as they are required to handle what is probably one of the most challenging jobs in a company. They are expected to oversee and contribute to any advertising campaigns that a company launches by using different mediums such as radios, television, print media and social media.

Job Description for Advertising Manager Resume

• Planned, directed and evaluated the activities of marketing departments

• Developed and implemented advertising campaigns to promote the sales of products and services

• Created interest among potential buyers

• Selected advertising media and products to be advertised

• Gathered and categorized information to map advertising campaigns

• Negotiated advertising contracts

• Developed pricing strategies for products to be marketed

• Oversaw activities of marketing staff