The newest rage is skills-based resumes that are designed to highlight a job seeker’s job-specific skills. Why would an applicant use a skills-based resume to apply for a job? Well, for one, it may be required by an employer. Secondly, you may be inexperienced or changing careers and you want the employer to focus on your skills instead of your experience – or lack thereof!

Do not risk the reputation of your resume by not mentioning your skills. Make this section on your resume good enough and you can start preparing for the interview. Not pay much attention to it and you can look forward to starting from scratch again! For samples of skills statements, here are a few to help you:

Advertising Account Manager Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated ability to determine clients advertising needs and provide correlating solutions
• Track record of devising and implementing advertising campaigns that meet clients’ specific budgets and requirements
• Competent at negotiating with clients in terms of contracts and budgets and ensuring that mutually agreeable terms are decided on
• Proficient in handling budgets and campaign costs and ensuring that the effectiveness of campaigns is monitored properly
• Adept at managing, reviewing and delivering clients’ advertising projects in a time-efficient manner
• Proven record of identifying accounts with shrinking revenues and providing them with solutions to maintain their presence in the market
• Effectively able to demonstrate bigger picture comprehension of clients’ marketing strategies and providing correlating advertising services
• Qualified to design campaigns to adequately target specific audiences and provide recommendations for future programs
• Hands-on experience in identifying and presenting opportunities for consistency in advertising account management with special focus on both short and long-term goals