Advertising Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: July 26, 2021

Have you ever thought of “outsourcing” your resume so that someone else can take this challenge for you? After reading our sample, you may not have to.

Writing an Advertising Manager resume is difficult, we agree, but it is not as terrible a thing as you are led to believe. All you need is a format that you can follow and information on what needs to go into the format.

And here is a format that you can use to write your resume as nearly perfect as possible:

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Advertising Manager Resume Example

Dale Knight
4521 Ramsdell Drive, Rockford, MI 14241
(000) 454-7474
daleknight @ email . com


Creative and results-oriented individual with 16+ years’ vast experience in handling the advertising needs of large companies. Ability to assist clients to determine different and plausible ways of increasing their market share and presence. A proven leader who is able to motivate advertising and marketing teams to make the most of their potential.

• Market Share Improvements • Product Featuring
• Market Identification • Sales Liaison
• Contract Negotiation • Market Research
• Pricing Strategies • Product Promotion
• Budgeting Goals • Advertising Effectiveness Measurements
• Goals Balancing • Budget Administration


Advertising Manager
Dec 2015 – Jul 2021

DELTEK, INC., Rockford, MI 

Key Achievements
• Increased the market share of a company by 25% through extensive advertising management.
• Met all campaign goals between the years 2012 and 2015 by directing, motivating and monitoring the mobilization of trained advertising campaign teams.
• Successfully prepared and administered advertising budgets and project schedules.
• Effectively recommended creative concept revisions according to clients’ individual requirements and preferences.
Key Responsibilities
• Reduced advertising costs for a start-up business and still managed to create a lasting presence in the industry
• Handled the advertising needs of one of the biggest corporations in Michigan with staggeringly positive results translating into increased business for the company
• Built rapport with clients to increase renewals and referrals and ensured cross-selling and upselling opportunities
• Administered advertising plans in correlation with clients’ specific requirements
• Conferred with clients to determine their advertising needs and provided them with several options to choose from
• Prepared and negotiated advertising, sales and marketing contracts and developed contracts for promotional campaigns
• Performed detailed research work to gather and organize data needed for advertising campaign development and execution

Assistant Advertising Manager
May 2011 – Dec 2015
Key Responsibilities

• Conducted preliminary interviews with clients to determine their advertising needs.
• Assisted in performing market research to determine the client’s company’s current market share and competitors.
• Provided support in planning and executing advertising campaigns aimed at increasing sales and presence.
• Recommend promotional opportunities and additional services to increase company revenue.
• Assisted in negotiating contracts, handling creative concept revisions and coordinating media placements.
• Analyzed sales promotion results to determine cost-effectiveness and formulate efficient plans to extend business opportunities.
• Gathered information to assist with decision-making procedures regarding media placement, featured products and campaign lengths.
• Kept in constant contact with clients to determine dynamic or additional advertising needs.
• Negotiated contracts and recommended creative concept revisions according to each client’s specific preferences.

BBA – Marketing
State University, Rockford, MI – 1998