Advertising Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 26, 2021
How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for Advertising Manager Position?

The entire purpose of writing an advertising manager cover letter is to provide information on what you can do for the employer. The following 5 tips will help you in writing an excellent cover letter:

  1. Use short words, sentences, and paragraphs to make your cover letter reader friendly.
  2. Limit the length of your letter to one page.
  3. Avoid writing too many paragraphs.
  4. Highlight some of your achievements.
  5. Focus on your skills and abilities as an advertising manager using bullet points.

The following sample cover letter will help you in writing an excellent job application set that will increase the chances of an interview. Feel free to modify this example as per your circumstances.

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Advertising Manager Cover Letter Example

Francis Obrien
857 D Street, Rockford, MI 11021
(000) 333-1425
Francis @ email . com

July 26, 2021

Mr. Normal Willis
Hiring Manager
452 Greeley Avenue
Rockford, MI 10002


Dear Mr. Willis:

When I read your ad for an Advertising Manager at TripleLift, I couldn’t help noticing how well your requirements align with my experience, education, skills, and background.

As a passionate advertising manager, I offer the following achievements:

  • Increased the market share of Deltek Inc. by 36% in a rapidly crashing industry, which resulted in increased clientele and steadiness of the market as a whole.
  • Stabilized Time Warner Cables’ position in the market (post incorrect lawsuit for malpractices), through well-placed advertising campaigns, saving the company from bankruptcy.

I have provided this information on top because this track record will help me achieve your goals. If you skim through my resume, you will find my many market share grabbing capabilities. Backing these up, I have many contributions pertaining to media placement, contract negotiation and strategy development.

Some of my key competencies include:

  • Initiating market research studies and analyzing their findings
  • Gathering and organizing information to plan advertising campaigns
  • Creating plans for advertising
  • Inspecting layouts and plans for an advertisement
  • Negotiating advertising contracts
  • Developing pricing strategies
  • Balancing the goals of the company with customer satisfaction

For further information on how I can contribute to your company as an advertising manager, you can contact me at (000) 333-1425. I will also be in touch next week to see if a mutually convenient meeting time can be arranged.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Francis Obrien