Advertising Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on March 7, 2016

Have you ever used the “so what” method of writing a cover letter? This is how it goes. For every sentence that you write in a cover letter, ask yourself so what? By doing so, you are questioning your ability to do something before a hiring authority gets the chance to do so. And since you will be inadvertently correcting the information on your cover letter by questioning yourself, you have a great chance of not writing things that the hiring manager hates!

You may not have to use the so what method if you are absolutely sure that there is no way that the information in your cover letter will be questioned. However, if you do this anyway, you can be sure that you do not goof up. This method provides an armor in case the hiring manager is ready to battle your existence out of his employment world!

The entire point of writing an advertising manager cover letter is to provide information of what you can do in a concise but thorough manner. Do not make your reader wade through extra words – he won’t appreciate being dragged through information that is clearly not needed. By using short words, sentences and paragraphs, you avoid cramming too many ideas into each paragraph, making your cover letter easy to read.


Advertising Manager Cover Letter Sample


Francis Obrien
857 D Street
Rockford, MI 11021
(000) 333-1425
Francis @ email . com

March 7, 2016

Mr. Normal Willis
Hiring Manager
452 Greeley Avenue
Rockford, MI 10002


Dear Mr. Willis:

● Increased the market share of Deltek Inc. by 36% in a rapidly crashing industry, which resulted in increased clientele and steadiness of the market as a whole.

● Stabilized Time Warner Cables’ position in the market (post incorrect law suit for malpractices), through well-placed advertising campaigns, saving the company from bankruptcy.

I have provided this as preliminary information because I believe that TripleLift deserves this kind of performance from its next Advertising Manager. If you agree, I would like to explore being the next member of your advertising team.

To make the hiring decision as easy as possible for you, I have tailored my resume (enclosed) to your specific requirements. As you begin to skim through my resume, you will find 5 market share grabbing capabilities that I would like to put at your disposal at once. Backing these up, I have 10 contributions pertaining to media placement, contract negotiation and strategy development that I have made to my previous employers. After reading them, I am positive that the central thought I go beyond providing solutions will stand out.

For further information on how I can contribute to your company as an advertising manager, you can contact me at (000) 333-1425. I will also be in touch to see if a mutually convenient time can be arranged so that we can meet in person.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Francis Obrien

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