Salad Maker Resume Sample

Updated on: November 24, 2021

There is a certain way in which you can write a compelling resume for a salad maker position to impress the hiring manager.

That is, you have to fill your resume only with information on your salad-making skills and experiences.

Particularly, you will have to show that you know how to toss and mix different types of salads using the right ingredients and dressings.

Here is a resume sample created especially for a salad maker position:

Salad Maker Resume Example

Aria Luke
48 George Road, Derry, NH15220
(000) 956-8565


Highly experienced Salad Maker with excellent skills in creating the standard, as well as exotic salads. Effectively able to determine the right ingredients for different salads, and use them according to set recipes. Demonstrated expertise in creating recipes, in accordance with popular demands.

• Introduced an entire range of new salads, increased net revenue by $4000 per month.
• Implemented a unique quality control system, increasing the quality of salads and sandwiches by 50%.
• Devised a portioning system, which was considered 90% more efficient than the one already being used.
• Singlehandedly implemented a unique kitchen sanitization system.


Salad Maker
Mixt, Derry, NH 
Aug 2018 – Present
• Choose the right ingredients for each salad type
• Follow recipes in order to create salads mentioned on the menu
• Cut, slice, and cube ingredients such as vegetables, meats, and cheeses
• Gather ingredients required for each salad and toss them together
• Create dressings and relishes or use pre-made ones in the right quantities
• Garnish salads in accordance with set standards
• Create salad portions to go with different dishes
• Ensure that workspaces are properly cleaned and sanitized
• Oversee the inventory of supplies needed to make salads
• Assist kitchen helpers in making sandwiches and soups

Kitchen Helper
Highlands Ranch, Derry, NH
Sep 2015 – Aug 2018
• Assisted cooks by cutting and chopping vegetables and meats
• Assembled salads as per instructions and made sandwiches
• Cleaned and cleared counters in order to make space for work
• Handled portioning duties
• Cleaned and maintained kitchen equipment such as ovens and grills

High School Diploma
Derry High School, Derry, NH – 2006

• Produce Ordering
• Ingredient Selection
• Measuring and Weighing
• Quality Control
• Inventory Management
• Stock Handling
• Portioning and Garnishing
• Recipe Development
• Food Hygiene
• Kitchen Sanitization
• Food Preparation

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