Sandwich Maker Resume Sample

Updated on: December 24, 2021

Sandwich makers sometimes referred to as cold cooks, work with delis and restaurants.

On a typical workday, they prepare sandwiches according to customers’ instructions.

They ask customers what type of bread they prefer and what type of ingredients they would like.

They cut meats and cheeses according to customers’ preferences and garnish sandwiches as well.

While they work in a relatively casual setting, sandwich makers need to be customer service-focused.

They must follow customers’ instructions properly so that they can create sandwiches accurately. Accuracy and detail orientation are a prerequisite for this position.

When you write a resume to apply for a sandwich maker position, make sure that you portray your love for preparing deli food items so that a prospective employer is intrigued enough to invite you for an interview.

Here is an excellent example for you to get ideas from:

Sandwich Maker Resume Example

Dustin Hoffman
884 Ripley Road, Waterbury Center, VT 01938
(000) 999-9999


Energetic and highly motivated individual, with sandwich-making experience spanning over three years. Expertise lies in managing deli counters in regards to supplies, preparation, and service. Solid knowledge of deli business with strengths in excellent customer service and food recommendations.

• Able to exhibit a sense of urgency while preparing orders
• Operational perfectionism
• Exceptional food knowledge specifically of gluten-free and organic food items
• Eager to work a flexible schedule to cater to the time-slot needs of the restaurant


Sandwich Maker
The Deli, Waterbury Center, VT
Sep 2019 – Present
• Take customers orders and prepare sandwiches accordingly
• Slice cold meats and cheeses according to customers’ preferences
• Place meats, cheeses, and garnishes between bread slices
• Ask customers about their bread type preferences
• Prepare garnishes and cook and season ingredients to prepare dressings
• Fry meat such as bacon, beef, and eggs for sandwiches
• Ensure that all sandwich-making supplies are readily available at all times
• Prepare all sandwiches keeping in mind health and hygiene standards
• Order ingredients such as bread, meats, vegetables, and mayonnaise

Key Accomplishments
• Introduced diet sandwiches which brought about a massive increase in customer base.
• Reorganized the supplies inventory process by implementing checking procedures aimed at ringing alarms in the event of low supplies.

School Cafeteria Volunteer
Waterbury High School, Waterbury Center, VT
May 2015 – Sep 2019
• Provided support in assembling sandwiches and burgers
• Cut and washed meats and vegetables
• Ensured that all relishes were available at all times
• Took orders and assisted in putting them together
• Served food to students in a time-efficient manner
• Cleaned kitchen counters and floors

Key Accomplishments
• Revamped the cafeteria menu by incorporating both “fun foods” and “health foods.”
• Introduced deli items such as cold sandwiches and salads engendering a high volume of sales within the first week.

Waterbury High School, Waterbury Center, VT