Donuts Maker Resume Sample

Updated on: March 26, 2021

Is making donuts your forte? Great! You have come to the right place. Let us help you prepare a resume so that you can easily obtain a donuts maker job.

It is important to remember that your resume has to hold information regarding your knowledge of making donuts by following the right recipes.

If you have had previous experience as a donuts maker, it is important to build upon that in a resume.

What follows is a resume sample written specifically for a donuts maker position:

Sample Resume for Donuts Maker Job

Juliana Cooper
5462 Gulf Street, Homer, AK 37957
(000) 986-6523
[email protected]


Successful donut maker with exceptional talents in following recipes in order to make palate-positive donuts. Ability to create donuts recipes, and ensure that aesthetically pleasing and tasty donuts are made. Familiar with handling glazing and decoration tasks.


  • Trained 19 newly hired kitchen staff members in making and glazing donuts.
  • Implemented an “assembly line” donuts making system, as a result, increased donuts production by 50%.
  • Introduced a unique dough preparation idea, hence, decreased kneading time by 60%.
  • Singlehandedly made 500 donuts in one day, for a rush order.


Donuts Maker
Curt’s Donut Mill, Homer, AK

  • Check order sheets to determine the required quantity of donuts each day.
  • Acquire ingredients such as flour, yeast, and sugar from storage areas.
  • Measure the right amounts of each item by following recipes.
  • Combine measured ingredients and mix them using hands or electric mixers.
  • Prepare dough according to set recipes, by kneading it properly.
  • Use cutters to cut donut shapes.
  • Preheat ovens or fryers, and place donuts in them.
  • Fry or bake donuts according to provided instructions.
  • Place baked or fried donuts on cooling trays.
  • Glaze donuts, and place sprinkles on them.
  • Place donuts in displays, or pack them up for sale.

Kitchen Helper
Pete’s Kitchenette, Homer, AK

  • Helped chefs by cutting, chopping, and marinating meats and vegetables.
  • Handled mixing and combining work.
  • Ensured cleanliness of all assigned kitchen areas.
  • Oversaw food rotation tasks.
  • Performed preventative and regular maintenance on equipment such as grills, fryers, and ovens.

High School Diploma
St. Abby’s High School, Homer, AK 

– Recipe Development
– Combining and Mixing
– Dough Preparation
– Baking / Frying Timelines
– Heat Maintenance
– Equipment Use
– Oil Blotting
– Cutter Machine Operations
– Syrup Creation
– Preventative Maintenance
– Equipment Tending
– Dough Cutting

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