Dunkin Donuts Resume: Sample & Job Description

Updated on: March 25, 2023

The resume is important for many reasons, the main one being the fact that it provides a lot of information in one place.

Here is a sample that you can use to write a structured resume for a crew member position in Dunkin Donuts:

Sample Resume for Dunkin Donuts Job (Crew Member)

Melissa Isaac
Bloomington, IN
(000) 201-9565


Highly efficient and customer service-oriented individual, with over 11 years of experience working as a crew member in the food service industry. Known for servicing customers according to protocols and procedures, aiming to ensure repeat business opportunities. Ability to listen and respond to customers’ queries regarding available food items.

• Provided service to over 100 customers within a shift, on a particularly busy day at work.
• Implemented a novel payment processing system, which took 50% less time than the one being used previously.
• Introduced a food rotation system, resulting in decreased incidents of food spoilage.
• Successfully balanced cash drawer for a fellow crew member, the entries of which had been in limbo for three days due to a posting error.

• Food Service • Customer Service
• Complaint Handling • Food Rotation
• Packing • Store Sanitization
• Customer Satisfaction • Quality Control
• Order Handling • POS Functions
• Payment Processing • Task Prioritization


Crew Member
Dunkin Donuts, Bloomington, IN       
• Greet customers as they arrive at the counter and inquire about their orders.
• Provide menus to customers and assist them in choosing donuts, coffees, and sandwiches.
• Suggest coffee blends and donuts according to the specific choices of each customer.
• Pick desired donuts from display cases and pack them in boxes according to customers’ instructions.
• Make coffee blends according to customers’ orders and ensure that they are served hot.
• Create sandwiches in sync with provided recipes and pack or wrap them for dine-in or takeaway.
• Process credit/debit and cash payments, and tender changes and receipts to customers.
• Ensure that donut cases are adequately stocked, by maintaining effective liaison with the kitchen staff.
• Oversee the cleanliness and tidiness of the counter area and ensure that dining areas are kept neat at all times.

Kitchen Helper
Krispy Kreme, Bloomington, IN         
• Cleaned and sanitized kitchen areas such as counters and floors on a constant basis.
• Oversaw food rotation activities to ensure that food items were kept fresh at all times.
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on kitchen equipment such as grills, fryers, and ovens.
• Oversaw inventory of food supplies, and informed kitchen manager of any low stock situations.
• Assisted in transporting readied food items to the front end.

High School Diploma
Rockford High School, Bloomington, IN

Dunkin Donuts Job Description for Resume

  • Perform tier-1 duties by pleasantly greeting customers as they approach the counter.
  • Assist customers in making important decisions regarding orders.
  • Take customers’ orders for coffee, donuts, and sandwiches.
  • Provide customers with preparation timelines.
  • Ensure that all orders are timely prepared and handed over to customers.
  • Make coffee blends and sandwiches according to provided recipes and procedures.
  • Operate point of sales (POS) systems to process both cash and credit and debit card payments.
  • Pack sandwiches and donuts and provide customers with well-packed takeaway food items.
  • Stock display counters with donuts, ensuring that they remain filled at all times.
  • Perform food rotation activities to ensure that food items remain fresh for longer.
  • Organize food and supplies inventory, and ensure that low stock situations are communicated to the shop manager.
  • Ensure that counter and dining areas remain clean and neat at all times.