Donuts Maker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: March 26, 2021

It does not always feel like home when you’re writing a cover letter. However, that is something that you have to do if you want to be hired as a donuts maker.

In all honesty, your cover letter should show precisely why you’re the best candidate to be hired for this position.

The good thing about cover letters is that they concentrate on skills only. And leave the resume to talk about the experience.

As an individual with vast donuts-making experience, you can bank on the skills that you derived from your time as a baker, or specifically, as a donuts maker.

Knowledge of choosing and using the right ingredients, and the ability to determine baking times should all be made part of your cover letter.

A cover letter sample written primarily for a donuts maker position is given below for reference purposes:

Donuts Maker Cover Letter Sample

March 26, 2021

Mr. Sam Rider
Human Resources Manager
Papa’s Donut Company
78 Dot Avenue
Anchorage, AK 29474

Dear Mr. Rider:

Baking is a way of life for me. And making donuts is something that I excel in. Seeing your advertisement for a donuts maker position at Papa’s Donut Company made me put two and two together (your requirements and my skills) and come up with the conclusion that I am the best person to hire. Going through the accompanying resume will give you more than one reasons to hire me.

I have worked as a donuts maker for Dippy Donuts for five years. During my employment as one, I learned both the baking and frying methods of making donuts. Choosing the right ingredients and ensuring that the correct quantities are mixed in order to create mouthwatering donuts is my specialty.

Also, I am qualified to handle large orders, ensuring that timelines are worked within. Besides, I am competent in glazing and decorating donuts to ensure that they appear aesthetically pleasing. Choosing the right recipes and ensuring that they are followed properly is my niche. And I am exceptionally talented in ensuring that baking times are monitored regularly.

If you are in the market to hire a professional donuts maker, I am sure that you do not need to look further than my resume. I will contact your office after the weekend to set up a meeting time so that I can further detail my experience and skills in a donuts maker role. I am available at (000) 259-7894 if you need to reach me in the interim.

Thank you for considering my credentials for a Donut Maker job at Papa’s Donut Company.


Harold Bannister

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