Pizza Maker Resume Sample

Pizza makers are responsible for baking pizzas in restaurant establishments. Apart from pizzas, they may be required to make other pasta dishes or breads that go with pizza eating.

They are trained in vocational centers and on the job depending on their own individual job setting.

The following resume will be helpful if you need to apply for a job in Pizza Maker capacity.

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Pizza Maker Resume Sample


Mona Lloyd

791 Carriage Lane – Casper, WY 63534
(999) 999-9009, Email

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Pizza Maker position with Domino’s Pizza utilizing skills in making traditional Italian pizza for the restaurant patrons.

• Six years of practical experience working as a Pizza Chef with Pizza Pizzaz
• Highly skilled in making both traditional Italian and modern pizzas
• Hands on experience in dough stretching managing pizza toppings appropriately
• Functional knowledge of large cooking and baking equipments

• Member chef of the World’s Largest Pizza for Guinness Records in 2008
• Promoted from general worker to pizza chef within three months of work following excellence in performance of chef activities in the absence thereof


Pizza Chef | Pizza Pizzas, Casper, WY | 2006 – Present

• Prepare pizzas, breads and other pastas as requested by customers
• Prepare dough by kneading and stretching as required
• Add toppings according to order slips
• Manage pizza time in the oven
• Deliver pizza to the counter or the customer when needed
• Slice pizza according to size and customer specifications
• Assist in cleaning workplaces
• Assist in maintaining utensils and equipment

High School Diploma – 2005

• Outclass communication and customer service skills
• Ability to work within deadlines and to multitask
• Exceptional organizational skills
• Demonstrated ability to manage both the front end and the back end of a restaurant
• Proven ability to work as a cashier when needed

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