Library media specialist is a highly interactive job and requires great ability to handle interruptions during daily work. The main duties of this position involve maintenance of the library shelves, cataloging and upholding of issuance inventories.

To write a convincing library media specialist resume, it is important to focus on the skills demanded by the prospective employer. It is important to showcase the skills objectively and in an optimized manner to grasp the potential employer’s attention immediately.


Library Media Specialist Resume Sample


Mary Jacobson

mary . jacobson @ email . com
749 Unix Ave, Tucson, AZ 78332
Cellular: (004) 333-5555 | Home: (002) 666-8888

Teacher / Administrator / Curriculum Advisor

PROFILE: Practical and detail-oriented with extensive experience in supervising the library media center. Demonstrated ability to ensure that students and staff are successful users of ideas and information maintenance of automatic cataloging and circulation systems. Particularly effective in supervising and facilitating students in locating relevant material, updating them regarding material availability and usage of available AV aids.

● Circulation systems establishment● Instructional development
● Analyzing interests of patrons● Materials’ evaluation and selection
● Records maintenance● Students’ education
● Research assistance● Budgeting and inventory
● Curriculum development● Audiovisual devices operation
● Preparing books/videos for circulation● Computers/LAN/Internet


Library Media Specialist | Tucson Unified School, Tucson, AZ | 03/2012 – Present

• Handle referencing questions of students and furnish them regarding author’s database information
• Keep the book’s availability inventory updated at all times
• Assist research students in establishing authentication of data drawn from online journals
• Maintain audiovisual equipment and carryout preventive maintenance

Key Achievements:
• Initiated and successfully implemented a system of interlibrary loaning for the media library
• Developed and planned the shelving of a new library worth 20 million $ from scratch

Library Media specialist | MAPSA, Tucson, AZ | 12/2011 – 02/2012

• Coordinated with patrons of school library media center on regular basis
• Maintained and executed automated library inventory
• Prepared and displayed bibliographies on bulletin boards regularly
• Managed and overlooked the digital library LANs and other technical details including CD ROM management and printers

Key Achievements:
• Entered and updated cataloging data for the past two years in the McGraw Hills Database and Library’s computerized mini-frame system

• Library management and digital cataloging
• VT library media specialist endorsement
• FTE library media specialization

BS in Library Science | Harley’s College of Arts, Tucson, AZ | November, 2011