School Media Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: November 5, 2019

Grabbing the recruiter’s eye with your resume is easy if you are aware of their requirements.

And if you are only filling out an online form by way of a school media specialist resume, you do not need to worry about it because the form will not proceed if you do not happen to fulfill the requirements.


But if you have to start a resume from scratch, you will need more than just a job description to get you rolling.

Here is a sample resume for a school media specialist to assist you in your resume writing endeavors.

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School Media Specialist Resume Sample


Irma Red
66 Heritage Drive, Madison, TN 77823
(000) 654-5242 @ email . com

 School Media Specialist

A dynamic media specialist with particular interest in planning and administering school media programs in sync with school curriculum. Good interpersonal and communication skills with special focus on assisting students in handling their media outreach needs effectively.

• Demonstrated expertise in encouraging students to take full advantage of the library media center and its resources.
• Committed to interpreting school library media programs to students, faculty, and administration for the complete culmination of educational goals.
• Proficient in evaluating, selecting, and requisitioning new media materials and equipment following the individual needs of students.
• Focused on maintaining an efficient and comprehensive media system for processing and cataloging media materials and equipment for efficient use.

– Inter-library loans
– Student counseling
– Independent reference work
– Information services
– Communication
– Curriculum infusion
– Intellectual freedom
– Current education trends
– Technology savvy
– Presentations
– Student outreach programs
– Research

• Implemented the Full Throttle program, which increased library media membership by 15%.
• Created a series of instructions for cataloging of library material, which increased retrieval efficiency by 88%.
• Held 33 media outreach programs for students with special needs and developed 80% of students’ interest in library media.
• Infused library media work materials with existing curriculum and created a profound, student-led educational program.


School Media Specialist
Staurt Day School, Madison, TN | 2014-Present

• Plan school media programs and work with teachers and administers to implement it effectively
• Implement library media policies and select school library media program materials
• Encourage students and teachers to take advantage of media programs by providing them with deep insight into the workings of the process
• Maintain an efficient system for processing and cataloging library materials and equipment
• Assist students in developing independent reference work and skill in researching through media resources
• Counsel students and provide them with research help during with touch modules
• Promote the acquisition of new and advanced electronic information systems
• Supervise library media aide and volunteers and oversee library study groups

Library Media Aide
Marion School District, Madison, TN | 2009-2014

• Assisted in procuring library media materials and equipment
• Conferred with teachers and administrators to determine their media information needs
• Encouraged teachers and students to derive information through library media materials
• Set up media equipment for and assist teacher and students in using and deriving information from them
• Lead and oversee study groups and provide assistance with educational modules

MS in Library Media Sciences