Sample Law Clerk Thank You Letter After Interview

Updated July 30, 2021
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Thank you letters after a law clerk interview are very popular nowadays since keeping connected with a prospective employer is encouraged in these times of fierce competition.

A thank you letter does not only say “thank you” – but it also provides you with an opportunity to connect to the hiring authority once again and subtly present your case (viability for the job). And to be perfectly honest, hiring managers love receiving thank you letters!

When should a thank you letter be ideally written? As soon as possible after an interview. While you do not want to come across as too eager, you wouldn’t want to be branded “lazy” either.

When you reach home after the interview, make sure that you write one immediately, detailing how “insightful it was to meet the employer” and how eager you are to join the company.

Thank you letters in this context are all about how enthusiastic you are about the job – even more so than a cover letter.

In a sense, a letter of this sort also works as a cover letter or a follow-up letter, detailing your fervor to join the company and begin contributing immediately.

Here is a sample thank you letter (after an interview) from a law clerk:

Sample Thank You Letter after Law Clerk Interview

Jessica Corbin
632 8th Street
Meridian, ID 80121
(000) 989-7676
Jess.cor @ email . com

July 30, 2021

Mr. Ryan Young
Hiring Manager
Berry and Appleman
565 E Willowbrook Road
Meridian, ID 88558

Dear Mr. Young:

Thank you for taking out the time from a busy schedule and interviewing me for the position of Law Clerk at Berry and Appleman. Meeting with the hiring panel, particularly with you, I figured out that there is much more to working in a law office than it seems on the surface. And it makes me more confident than I was before to know that I have the skills and the enthusiasm to live up to the expectations that will be entrusted to me if hired as a law clerk at your firm.

During our conversation, you mentioned that you are looking for someone with a strong background in online research. I would like to reiterate the fact that I was known for my ability to pick out useful information, through verified channels, especially to find out case precedents. Additionally, I can create and maintain efficient filing systems and indexes, along with providing an active hand in the formation of case laws.

I eagerly wait for your call for the second interview, so that I can gain further insight into the workings of your firm, and provide you with a broader view of what I can contribute. Thank you once again for your time. I look forward to working with you.


Jessica Corbin