Floral Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated December 20, 2017

There is no way for you to get to the interview stage if your basic job application documents are below par.

This is especially true where cover letters are concerned. Writing a cover letter is not just difficult – it can be downright daunting! But since one has to do it, it is important that you focus your energies on finding out what exactly is it that a hiring manager is looking for in you.

Writing a cover letter is not something that you can do within a minute. You have to be very careful in how you lay out your thought process. Make sure that your best side is highlighted when writing one – a cover letter that speaks volumes about your abilities and qualities is the one that is going to successfully reach out to a hiring manager. No other information is as important.

Take a look at the following sample for ideas:


Floral Clerk Cover Letter Example



December 20, 2017

Mr. Simon White
Human Resource Manager
77 Green Street
Boca Raton, FL 10398


Dear Mr. White:

As an incredibly creative individual, I am positive that I will be considered an immediate and precious asset of Albertsons, if hired in the role of a Floral Clerk. With over 6 years of experience in preparing and designing floral arrangements to meet the specific instructions and requirements of each client, I will be instantly successful in providing your organization with a creative image.

Managing special orders is my forte. I am often called upon to handle large displays of flowers, and special orders provided by valued clients, as I am exceptional when it comes to aesthetics and beauty of placement. Providing fast and friendly service, and ensuring that promotional displays and endcaps are beautifully handled are my niches.

Additionally, I am exceptional when it comes to providing suggestions to customers, regarding floral arrangements, and what will work best with which event. Apart from handling the floral arrangement part of the work, I am well-versed in ensuring delivery of exceptional customer services, and can handle cashiering and balancing work like a pro.

I am positive that once you have been through the profile which I have attached with this cover letter, you too will be impressed by my skills in this arena. I will contact you soon to see if we can meet up soon and discuss this position further. Until then, I am available at (000) 874-5241.




Sasha Smith

Enc: (Resume)

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