6 Legal Research Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 25, 2021

Research is perhaps the best way of handling any employment-related activity, including interviews.

The more you know about a company and its standing in the industry, the better the candidate that you will be considered at the interview.

Informed answers to difficult questions make all the difference in the world.

Use your research skills to prepare for the interview.

Let us help you with your research by providing you with a set of interview questions and answers:

Legal Research Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

1. If we hire you as a legal research assistant, what duties do you expect to perform?

As a legal research assistant, I believe that I will be responsible for initiating and conducting investigations in conjunction with attorneys, handling lawsuits relative to civil matters, and monitoring the statuses of all matters. Additionally, I expect to analyze cases and identify specific issues and problems, and of course, provide recommendations.

2. As far as researching precedents is concerned, what is your particular way to deal with?

I depend highly on documented cases when looking for previous incidents that match a present case. These documented cases are where most of the information lies. If I do not find much information here, I perform research from scratch through contacts and agencies.

3. Tell us of a time when your contribution to a case saved the day.

A criminal case that I was assisting with took a turn for the worst when the defendant presented information that was almost conclusive. This meant that we would lose the case. We were given 72 hours to look for evidence to the contrary. But by the time the 72 hours were up, we still had nothing. While the court was in process I came across shocking evidence and rushed to the courtroom with it, just before the verdict was given. My evidence changed the game, allowing our side to rightfully incriminate the person who was responsible for a double murder.

4. Do you think being organized is of great importance in this work?

I believe that being organized is extremely important as one has a lot of information to work with. If one is not organized physically and in the head, there is a huge chance of messing up cases including deadlines.

5. How do you react when you are reprimanded?

Making mistakes in the legal profession can be deadly. I react in only the best way to react. And that is to listen and learn. If I have been reprimanded, it probably means that I have done something that required me to be disciplined. So I take it in stride and try to learn from them.

6. What are your aspirations as far as your work is concerned?

Eventually, I would like to work my way up to being a successful attorney of criminal cases. Bringing justice is my motto and I want to make sure that all people who deserve it, are given their due.