16 Criminal Justice Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: March 25, 2023

To cater to the demands of modern employers, resume writing professionals suggest starting your resume with an objective statement.

It is a statement that shows your passion for the criminal justice field while highlighting some of your relevant strengths.

When writing your criminal justice resume objective, keep in mind that the purpose of this statement is to communicate who you are, which position you are interested in, and what relevant expertise you have to offer.

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Since criminal justice is a broad field, the following objective examples contain various positions of criminal justice.

16 Best Sample Objectives for Criminal Justice Resume

Correctional Officer Objectives

1. Competent, results-driven correctional officer seeking work with ABC facility. Experienced in devising and implementing healthy inmate activities and maintaining overall discipline in corrective facilities.

2. An ambitious criminal justice graduate, driven to serve others. Seeking work in the capacity of a correctional officer. Expert in emergency management, activity supervision, and record keeping.

Probation Officer Objectives

3. A seasoned criminal justice professional seeking a job at Pacific Corrections Facility in the capacity of a probation officer to utilize talents in inmate counseling, testimony provision, conflict resolution, and inmate monitoring.

4. Meticulous and dedicated probation officer seeking to join ABC Company in a similar capacity. Well-versed in communicating with offenders and explaining release conditions to the same.

Criminal Investigator Objectives

5. Poised to work as a Criminal Investigator for the ABC Organization. Eager to make a safe community by utilizing excellent analytical and criminal justice skills.

6. Results-driven and passionate criminal investigator seeking employment with the City of NY. Bringing strong work ethic, excellent perception sense, and proven ability to resolve tricky criminal cases for the welfare of the community.

Criminal Justice Professional Objectives

7. Detail-oriented Criminal Justice professional eager to work for XYZ Organization where my 7 years’ track record for solving criminal cases will be fully utilized.

8. A veteran criminal justice professional poised to join the NJ State Corrections Facility in the capacity of a Probation Officer. Enthusiastic to leverage my talents in testimony provision and inmate monitoring, as well as conflict resolution.

9. Vigilant, results-driven criminal justice professional seeking a position as a Crime Scene Investigator with Examination Management Services. Leveraging expertise in gathering and analyzing evidence to determine the cause and type of felony. A great knowledge base of anatomy, legal processes, and criminal law.

10. To work as a Criminologist for the Corrections Corporation of the USA to leverage 9 years of extensive experience in criminal behavior and law. Keen insight into criminal motivations and circumstances.

11. To obtain a position as a Criminal Justice Specialist with Hans and Hans. Employing my background in criminal investigations to facilitate case research and evidence management tasks.

Entry-Level Criminal Justice Resume Objectives

12. To work as an Investigator for Hornet Investigators. Eager to use my exceptional ability to analyze criminal behavior and employ learned concepts of forensic sciences, with an aim to bring felons to justice.

13. Seeking an entry-level position in the Criminal Justice arena. Bringing an associate degree in criminal justice, and a passion to get results.

14. Exceptionally talented and driven criminal justice graduate with a passion for service seeking employment at the City of Texas as a Correctional Officer. Bringing knowledge of counseling criminals, as well as record keeping, activity supervision, and emergency management skills.

15. Seeking a position as a Police Officer where my understanding of criminal law, statute violations, and illegal activities will be used. Broad understanding of criminal acts, motivations, and law enforcement directives

16. Desire to obtain a position as a Detective with Panther Inc. Bringing in-depth knowledge of the criminal investigation, corrections systems, and law enforcement.

Guidelines to Write an Excellent Criminal Justice Career Objective Statement

A criminal justice resume must have an objective statement to pique the employer’s interest in a single read. The objective must be strong and relevant to the criminal justice position.

What you write in a criminal justice resume objective depends on the position you are applying for, the skills that you want to highlight, and the level of experience you have had.

It is a good idea to limit your objective to a maximum of three lines so that the reader does not lose interest in what you have to say.

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