Criminal Justice Resume Objective Examples

Updated on May 29, 2019

While most resume writers and specialists to write a summary/profile, but, there are several situations where an objective is essential on a resume.

To cater to the demands of modern employers, resume writing professionals have introduced a summary-like hybrid objective.


It is a statement that serves as an objective while highlighting the individual’s strengths.

It does address the specific position being sought like an objective, but it also showcases key skills offered like a summary.

When writing your criminal justice resume objective, keep in mind that the purpose of this statement is to communicate who you are, which position you are interested in, and what relevant expertise you have to offer.

Since criminal justice is a broad field, these examples showcase various positions of criminal justice.


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Sample Objectives for Criminal Justice Resume 


Competent, results-driven correctional officer seeking work with ABC facility. Experienced in devising and implementing healthy inmate activities and maintaining overall discipline in corrective facilities.


With the increasing need for optimization and keywords usage, the trend of building productive formatted objectives is also increasing.

It can be useful to incorporate some bullets or perhaps a table on your objective statement.


Experiment with various formatting gadgets, but make sure the look is professional and the formatting is consistent throughout the other sections of the resume as well.


An ambitious criminal justice graduate, driven to serve others. Seeking work in the capacity of a correctional officer. Expert in emergencies management, activity supervision, and record keeping.


A seasoned criminal justice professional seeking a job at Pacific Corrections Facility in the capacity of a probation officer. Well versed in inmate counseling, testimony provision, conflict resolution, and inmate monitoring.


In case you are going for skills-based or functional resume, it’s ok to stick with the conventional, one-liner objective – but that too has to be employer focused.

Even if your core competencies shortly follow the objective statement, it must be an offering statement, not a candidate-centered one.

Do not write that you seek professional growth or wish to broaden your experience.

The employer is not interested in what your personal goals are. They need to know what you bring to them!


Meticulous and dedicated probation officer seeking to join ABC Company in a similar capacity. Well versed in communicating with offenders and explaining release conditions to the same.

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