Top 7 Criminal Investigator Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: June 18, 2021

A criminal investigator’s resume objective is a short statement that comes to the top of a resume.

When making an objective statement for a criminal investigator’s resume, it is crucial to rely on concrete skills and passion.

How to Write a Professional Objective on a Criminal Investigator Resume?
  1. Make it very clear and specific. This statement must save the reader’s time by quickly communicating what you are offering against the title of the criminal investigator position.
  2. Focus on how your skills and expertise can prove to be productive for the employer rather than how you would be benefited from the position.
  3. Keep your statement very concise and highly targeted while including specific details of the criminal investigator position, along with the competencies being offered.
  4. Make your career objective sound like a business proposal where you propose to take up the role and utilize your professional strengths.

Here are 7 examples:

Sample Objectives for Criminal Investigator Resume

1. Discreet and vigilant Criminal Investigator who has profound expertise in case analysis, informant and suspect interrogation, and crime scene tape, seeking a similar role with the Homeland Security Services.

2. Highly qualified and seasoned Criminal Investigator with 8+ years’ progressive experience in suspect surveillance, evidence processing, and information verification eager to work for HQ Investigators.

3. Competent and detail-oriented criminal justice professional with a track record of solving complex and varied criminal cases efficiently within given time frames. Enthusiastic to work for AAA Company in the role of a Criminal Investigator.

4. To utilize expertise in evidence collection, case analysis, and criminal research in the capacity of Criminal Investigator at ADF Solutions.

5. A Criminal Investigator position with the Department Of Homeland Security that could effectively utilize my skills in crime identification, allegations analysis, and evidence preservation.

6. Looking for a challenging position as a Criminal Investigator with the Department of Child Protection. Offering proven skills in case development, suspect questioning, and evidence handling. Strong analytical skills with a profound ability to collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to develop and solve the assigned criminal cases.

7. To attain a criminal investigator position with the county of Solano, offering 5+ years of relevant experience along with proven expertise in criminal case solving, surveillance conduction, and evidence analysis.