Criminal Justice Resume Sample

Updated on: October 15, 2021

Today is the era of personal branding in the world of resume writing. Personal branding refers to the process of building a branded advertisement of one’s professional profile and offering it to prospective employers during the job hunt process.

Similar to all other professions, personal branding has gained a lot of popularity in criminal justice jobs as well.

So if you are planning to apply for the position of a police officer and you have not modified your resume yet, then it is time to do that now.

When building your resume for criminal justice jobs, keep in mind that each candidate is unique.

The strategies that work well for someone else are not necessarily the best ones to showcase your strengths.

Choose the format according to your qualifications, selecting the ones you believe will help you in the maximum optimization of your job-relevant skills.

Following is a criminal justice resume sample for the position of a police officer.

Criminal Justice Resume Example

Richard Nicolas
4501 Freeway Ave, Tampa, FL 89901
(008) 555-4444

Criminal Justice 

 A disciplined, assertive, and self-reliant individual serving in the field of criminal justice for 5+ years. Specially trained in proactive police patrolling and order maintenance through effective law enforcement. Substantial knowledge of local, state, and federal law enforcement procedures and policies.

• Patrolling
• Calls responding
• Traffic management
• Surveillance operations
• Court appearance
• Record keeping
• Documentation


Criminal Justice
G4S, Tampa, FL
• Provide procedural recommendations to follow in case of crime
• Conduct preliminary and follow up criminal and crash scene investigations
• Assure the preservation, examination, and evidence collection at the crime scene
• Ensure citizen safety and welfare by recognizing potential problems and dangerous conditions and taking appropriate action to resolve the same
• Adapt to changing field conditions
• Prepare reports, records, and relevant documents on assigned shift
• Respond to emergency calls for service and provide direction and assistance during emergencies
• Exercise tact and self-restraint

Police officer
People First, Tampa, FL
• Responded to security calls and resolved safety issues
• Executed warrants, issued warnings and summons
• Compiled and submitted incident reports timely
• Followed up investigations and published reports

AAS, Criminal Justice
• Criminal Law and Procedures
• Sociology of Law Enforcement
• Correctional Process
• Criminology

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