Criminal Investigator Resume Sample

Updated on: June 17, 2021

Before you start writing your competencies and experience on your resume, it is advisable to understand the purpose of a resume.

A Criminal Investigator Resume is a brief, 1-page document that is supposed to summarize your professional profile, which includes your skills set, competencies, work experience, and education.

Until a decade ago, the resume was used to be a multipage document that was meant to cover all aspects of the candidacy. On the other hand, modern resumes are targeted, position-centered, and tailored for each company.

When writing your criminal investigator resume, keep in mind that the hiring manager is only interested in your recent and relevant experience. Therefore, cut out the long work history and precisely focus on the content that matters in the Criminal Investigator role.

Here is an example:

Sample Resume for Criminal Investigator Position

Joshua Fredrick
211 Universal Avenue
Buffalo, NY 76303
(004) 333-2222
joshua . fredrick @ email . com

A versatile and solution-oriented criminal investigator with a solid track record of identifying criminal activity, collecting evidence, and reporting the same in an organized and timely manner. Ardent problem solver with profound ability to work independently under minimum supervision, full command on all aspects of criminal research including background checks, suspect interrogation, and crime scene investigation.


Crime Investigator
Apr 2012 – Present
• Conduct thorough investigations to locate missing persons.
• Arrange and conduct lie detector tests during suspect interrogation.
• Compile the accounts of witnesses and process the same for crosschecking.
• Examine the crime scene for clues and submit fingerprints for analysis.
• Obtain search and arrest warrants to proceed with case investigations.
• Maintain confidentiality of findings and information regarding case progress.
Key Results and Achievements
• Identified and reported an online criminal network involved in child trafficking and recovered 12 minors successfully.
• Solved a financial fraud case for a client company that resulted in the retrieval of assets worth $13M.

Crime Investigator Assistant
GESCO, Buffalo, NY
Oct 2009 – Mar 2012
• Set up surveillance cameras under the supervision of the chief detective.
• Taped crime scenes and preserved on-site evidence using Luminol.
• Compiled case reports and got the same approved by the detective for submission.
• Collected crime-related evidence from various sites.
• Wrote affidavits for suspect arrest and interrogation.
• Collaborated with defense detectives to gain a better insight into the assigned cases.
Key Results and Achievements
• Issued research-based recommendations for security policy updating for a multistoried mart, leading to 80% decrease in in-store thefts.

American Institute of Law, Buffalo, NY – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

• Investigative Analysis
• Evidence Collection
• Crime Scene Taping
• Information Crosschecking
• Case Development
• Fingerprint lifting
• Surveillance
• Suspect Interrogation
• Evidence Preservation
• Report Writing
• DNA Swabbing
• Search Warrant Execution

• Computer: MS Office Applications
• Bilingual: English and Spanish