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Updated September 9, 2016


Resume writing is not everyone’s ball game. But it is something that everyone has to do at some time or another in their lives. It is a necessary document to apply for a sheriff job. For most people, a feeling of dread comes over them when they think of writing a resume. It is all very natural as resume writing is definitely overwhelming.

But only for a bit. Once you come out of the initial feeling of failure in writing a resume, you can actually write a resume that is not just compelling but is considered an excellent read by the hiring manger. Just keep the information you provide relevant and you have nothing to worry about.

The following resume for a sheriff position will help you sort this out:


Sheriff Resume Sample


Roy Foster

73 Nevada Drive | Wausau, WI 63643 | (000) 142-8544 | roy.foster @ email . com


Summary: Strong-willed law enforcement professional with 11+ years’ hands-on experience in supervising a force of deputies to ensure a safe community. Proficient in handling the operations of the county jail by ensuring smooth operations. Track record of patrolling assigned areas and detecting possible criminal activities. Hands-on experience in investigating criminal offences and accidents to delve into causes thereof and various ways of ensuring that they do not occur again.


• Emergency Response • Court Testifying • Investigation
• Public Safety • Safe Prisoner Transport • Traffic Laws
• Firearm Trained • Operational Preparedness • Patrolling
• Reporting • Weapon Maintenance • Warrant Execution


Sheriff | WOOD COUNTY, Wausau, WI (5/2011 to Present)

• Act as point of contact for community members looking to lodge complaints
• Take people’s complaints and provide them with a timeline within which investigation will begin
• Investigate cases of murder, kidnapping, robbery and burglaries
• Patrol assigned areas to detect possible criminal activities and interrogate suspicious persons
• Investigate incidents for law violations, both criminal and civil
• Apprehend and arrest offenders and law violators
• Prepare evidence and ensure that it is preserved until the time it is due to be presented in court
• Respond to calls to deal with emergency situations such as accidents and burglaries
• Enforce traffic laws by issuing citations and observing violations
• Transport prisoners to court or prison facilities
• Maintain patrol cars and ensure that weapons and arms inventory is properly handled

Key Achievements
• Apprehended a particularly difficult to catch criminal who was on the run for over 12 years
• Safely transported a group of offenders to a specialized prison 450 miles away from the city, without incident

Deputy Sheriff | WOOD COUNTY, Wausau, WI (1/2005 to 5/2011)

• Assisted the sheriff by actively responding to calls for assistance during emergencies
• Provided support in apprehending law violators and offenders
• Patrolled assigned areas and investigated criminal activities
• Conducted preliminary and follow-up investigations
• Gathered and preserved evidence and searched suspicious vehicles for drugs and paraphernalia
• Performed sobriety tests and pulled over vehicles that are over speeding
• Assisted in conducting public information sessions on law enforcement matters

Key Achievements
• Resolved a cold case of a little girl who went missing from the city more than 56 years ago
• Called upon especially to maintain order within the courtroom during a particularly harrowing case

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

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