Deputy Sheriff Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 9, 2015


Overcoming word jams when writing a deputy sheriff cover letter is a challenging thing to do. Just when you know that you have to write compelling content, your brain refuses to let you type the right words. It can become quite upsetting. The best thing to do to make sure that this does not happen is to take it slowly. Cover letters cannot be written in fifteen minutes flat – they need to written after much thought and contemplation. The second you start rushing things, the word jam stops you.

The cover letter anatomy should spell out:

• Strong personalization
• High energy
• Relevant information
• Moderate informality
• Interesting to read

Making a good first impression is imperative. A stand out cover letter for deputy sheriff resume knocks on the employer’s door and yells Hey look at me! I have what you want and I can give it to you in a jiffy. Just stop looking for other people! By putting the focus on the employer, you are doing yourself a favor. We all like to think about ourselves – employers are no different. They also need to hire someone who will either save them money or make some for them. Personalize your qualifications in terms of benefits and you have yourself a great cover letter that the hiring manager will want to read – and you will be awarded with an interview eventually.

Here is how a winning cover letter for a deputy sheriff resume can be written:


Deputy Sheriff Cover Letter Sample


523 North 6th Street
Arlington, VA 20121

December 8, 2015

Mr. Jason Chen
Arlington County
1921 Upshur Street
Arlington, VA 19283


Dear Mr. Chen:

It cannot be anything else but serendipity that lured me to read the newspaper which held your advertisement for hiring a deputy sheriff at the Arlington County Office. Having recently decided to move to Arlington, this could not have come at a better time.

Please allow me to emphasize some of the qualifications that I possess, which can be converted to benefits for your office:

• Talented in investigating crimes and interviewing witnesses and victims by employing tact and exceptional analytic abilities
• Hands-on experience in patrolling assigned areas to ensure community safety
• Qualified to enforce felony and misdemeanor laws of the State of Virginia
• Adept at executing arrest warrants and taking violators into custody

With a strong background in law enforcement and inherent skills in handling adverse situations by exercising tact, I will be an asset to you. To further discuss this position, I would like to meet with you in person. I will be in touch with your deputy so that a meeting can be arranged soon. In the interim, please contact me at (000) 111-1111, if you need any information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Andrew Day

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