Deputy Sheriff Resume Sample

Updated on: June 23, 2021

A deputy sheriff’s resume contains information about your work history, academic qualifications, and skills.

In order to write a winning resume, it is essential to put only relevant information and experiences.

You can choose a resume format based on how you want the information to be displayed. For a standard format, you can pick up the following resume sample for a deputy sheriff position and write yours based on it:

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Sample Resume for Deputy Sheriff Position

Scott Little
6192 Rising Moon Road
Ashburn, VA 42077
(000) 854-2144


Known for providing effective criminal and traffic law enforcement services to the general public.

Performance Summary
Cordial and very responsive law enforcement professional with 9+ years’ extensive experience in patrolling assigned areas and intervene in suspicious activities. Well-versed in conducting preliminary and follow-up investigations and apprehending suspects and offenders.
Special talent for:
• Observing assigned areas for possible criminal activities and other conditions that may endanger public safety.
• Investigating and reporting accidents, dangerous streets, and other hazardous conditions to ensure constant community protection.
• Interviewing witnesses, complainants, and victims and gathering and preserving evidence for court.
• Responding to emergency calls including robberies, kidnappings, assaults, and murders.

• Criminal/Motor Laws Enforcement
• Violations Detection and Prevention
• First Aid Administration
• Inmate Behavior Management
• Crime Prevention
• Traffic Laws Awareness Building
• Conducting Investigations
• Prosecution and Court Testimony
• Evidence Collection
• Witness Interviewing


Deputy Sheriff
Sep 2012 – Present
• Patrol assigned areas to look for suspicious activities and take immediate action.
• Investigate and report accidents, traffic hazards, and defective streets to ensure public safety.
• Perform detailed investigation of crime scenes by interviewing witnesses, complainants, and victims.
• Gather physical evidence and ensure that it is kept safe until the time it has to be presented to the court.
• Apprehend and arrest criminals and law violators and ensure that they are kept behind bars until further orders
• Create and serve warrants, summonses, and subpoenas.
• Respond to emergency calls such as burglaries, murders, kidnappings, and assaults and ensure that immediate action is taken.
• Check properties to ensure that they are secure and check on senior citizens when requested.
• Keep complainants and victims informed of the progress of investigations.
• Record information concerning events that took place during the day.
Key Accomplishments
• Called upon to serve as part of the bomb squad in a particularly harrowing situation where the bomb was placed in a house with three children inside.
• Apprehended a particularly tricky to catch murderer within three weeks of being assigned a murder case investigation.
• Re-arrested a felon who had managed to get out of his shackles and escape the courtroom during sentencing.
• Introduced neighborhood watch which reduced the crime rate by 77%.

Deputy Sheriff Assistant
May 2006 – Sep 2012
• Assisted in performing patrolling duties in assigned areas.
• Responded to distress calls from victims and complainants.
• Provided logistical support in investigating accidents, murders, assaults, and robberies.
• Served legal orders such as warrants and subpoenas.
• Maintained weapons and equipment in working conditions.
• Assisted in writing and submitting criminal activities reports.

Bachelor’s Degree in Law
Major: Criminal Investigation