Police Chief Resume Sample and Writing Guide

Updated on: November 11, 2020

Police chiefs are responsible for ensuring that the area under their jurisdiction is safe from any unlawful or criminal activity. They direct teams of police personnel to keep their cities safe and to intervene in any adverse situation.

Since they are regarded as a crime-deterring presence, police chiefs need to be close to the community that they work in.

They develop and maintain meaningful relationships with members of the community and take feedback from them as far as suspicious activity is concerned. Besides that, they conduct investigations, gather evidence, and make statements – at times they are even expected to be present as witnesses in courts of law.

The following resume sample will help police chiefs build or update their resume.

Sample Resume for Police Chief Position

Allen King
92 Cale Street, Bonner Springs, KS 66720
(000) 100-9999


Police administration | Supervisory techniques | Law enforcement | Emergency handling

Competent and assertive Police Chief with 17+ years’ progressive law enforcement experience. Track record of directing and leading police personnel to meet law enforcement objectives. Hands-on experience in partnering with community groups to understand issues. Exceptional talent for conducting investigations and diffusing potentially volatile situations with tact and diplomacy. Exceptional comprehension of gathering evidence and complying with legal requirements.


  • Analyzed crime trends in the state and developed a core plan to reduce criminal offenses through a program called Discourage Crime.
  • Designed the concept of a police vehicle that incorporated law enforcement equipment and emergency service equipment for use in assault and accident situations.
  • Apprehended a criminal wanted for a series of heinous crimes who had managed to camouflage himself as a respectable member of the community.
  • Diffused an extremely volatile case involving a five-year-old child by employing tact and detaining the perpetrator without letting the child come to any harm.


Chief of Police
City of Olathe, Olathe, KS
2014 – Present

  • Develop and maintain liaison with communities within designated areas
  • Serve as a point of contact and a visible crime-deterring presence
  • Develop knowledge of community people and places to determine crime risks
  • Conduct investigations and gather evidence in the event of a crime
  • Portray tact and diplomacy when handling information regarding sexual abuse or sudden deaths
  • Conduct arrests and interview suspects and criminals to solicit truthful details
  • Prepare crime reports and present case files to supervisors
  • Liaison with individual crime agencies to obtain assistance in challenging to resolve crimes
  • Attend court hearings and give evidence when necessary
  • Schedule, supervise, and oversee the work of police personnel on a daily basis
  • Resolve internal personnel issues and handle appraisals

Police Officer
City of Santa Monica – Santa Monica, CA 
1999 – 2014

  • Undertook operation patrols and responded to situations that warranted law enforcement
  • Conducted patrolling duties on foot and by car
  • Diffused adverse or potentially hazardous conditions
  • Prevented crime by employing tactics to ward of criminals and wrongdoers
  • Apprehended offenders by applying dialogue or physical force depending on the situation in question
  • Assisted in accidents and emergencies
  • Interviewed suspects, criminals, and witnesses
  • Assisted chief of police and other senior officers in catching and handling criminals
  • Typed appropriate crime reports and ensured they were filed properly

Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice
Kansas State University, Bonner Springs, KS 

IACP – International Association of Chiefs of Police
John Hopkins Police Executive Leadership Program Alumni Association

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