6 Bricklayer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 25, 2022

During the time of writing and submitting a bricklayer cover letter and bricklayer resume, one usually feels quite confident about their ability to contribute to an organization. But when the interview time comes, this confidence often decreases.

The reason is perhaps the fact that Bricklayer interviews are the last stages in the job hiring process and can go in any direction. Unless of course, a job seeker puts a special effort to prepare for it!

The following set of Bricklayer interview questions and answers might help you:

6 Common Questions and Answers for Bricklayer Interview 

1. What type of duties have you performed in the role of a bricklayer?

My work as a bricklayer started with reading blueprints and designs to determine what type of bricklaying activities needed to be performed. Once I was aware of what I was supposed to be doing, I selected the types of bricks that I need, layer them up according to instructions to build walls, refurbished chimneys and arches, or performed repairing work.

2. What type of tools are you trained in using?

I have been trained in using cement mixers to create mortar, and a variety of special hand and power tools to cut and shape bricks according to the specifications mentioned in construction plans.

3. What do you do to make sure that safety is not an issue while at the worksite?

Since working as a bricklayer means that you often have to work in dangerous situations, it is imperative to take precautionary measures. Donning proper headgear and footwear is essential. I make sure that apart from wearing the right gear, I follow all the instructions regarding safety so that no untoward incidents transpire.

4. Tell us about the skills set a bricklayer must possess to be able to work successfully in this role.

Apart from being able to read and follow instructions properly and possessing excellent attention to detail, one needs to be able to make good use of plumb lines and spirit levels to check the alignment of bricks.

5. Why did you decide to work in this area of construction?

I believe that one should work in an arena where one is most well-versed. I find the challenge of working as a bricklayer quite fascinating and like the fact that one has to be accurate as clockwork while laying bricks. Structured work makes me happy.

6. What is the most challenging work that you have performed?

Oddly enough, it wasn’t a bricklaying project that I found challenging but one in which I was involved as a restorer. The owner of an old building wanted the walls of the structure restored without damage and that was one difficult task!