Entry Level Phlebotomist Cover Letter No Experience: 2 Samples

Updated: January 20, 2023

Phlebotomists are hired by laboratories where their primary work is to manage blood samples for testing purposes. They are trained professionals who are experts in drawing blood and testing it for diseases.

To successfully hunt a Certified Phlebotomist job with no experience in hand, you need to build a compelling cover letter that focuses on your knowledge gained from the classroom and real-life experiences as well as your relevant skills and capabilities.

The following cover letter example will assist you to find what an entry-level phlebotomist needs to write in their cover letter when applying for a first job.

Entry Level Phlebotomist Cover Letter Sample 1

301 S 9th Street
Lawton, OK 78473

January 20, 2023

Mr. Michael Daniels
Codex Lab Services
772 S 22nd Street
Lawton, OK 73224

Re: Certified Phlebotomist (Job ID 2012-65)

Dear Mr. Daniels:

Your advertisement on your website signifies that you are looking for a knowledgeable Phlebotomist at Codex Lab Services. I fit your requirements perfectly because I recently acquired a Phlebotomy certification, and possess hands-on knowledge of all the related functions.

Based on your requirements, I possess the following qualifications which will make me a valuable asset to Codex Lab Services:

  • Highly skilled in collecting blood, tissue, and other samples
  • Well-versed in conducting routine laboratory tests
  • Knowledge of quality assurance of testing techniques
  • Track record of performing all outlined clerical and computer duties
  • Demonstrated ability to set up medical laboratory equipment
  • Able to clean and maintain the medical laboratory and relevant equipment

During my school years, I made it a point to perform voluntary services at the medical lab. Later, I held two summer jobs working at Fair Laboratories where my work consisted of helping phlebotomists with their daily tasks. Learning venipuncture techniques and apt collection protocols was an absolute joy since I joined a medical laboratory.

I am confident that my abilities match closely with the specifications that you have stated in your advertisement. I would like to meet with you in person to discuss how I can be an asset to your organization. I will call you after one week to arrange an interview and can be reached any time at (000) 111-1112.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Linda Walters

Enc. Resume

No Experience Phlebotomist Cover Letter Sample 2

Andrea Santiago
2101 N. Waldron, Hutchinson, KS 67502
(000) 000-6541

January 20, 2023

Mr. Matthew Carey
Hiring Specialist
Kansas Hospital
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160

Dear Mr. Carey:

I am writing to apply for the Phlebotomist position currently available at the Clinical Laboratory of Kansas Hospital. My training and certification in Phlebotomy coupled with my ability to perform complex laboratory procedures make me a perfect candidate for this position. The quality services you provide to your patients and students alike have always kept my perception of Kansas Hospital higher than any other medical center in town.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I possess strong skills to perform the necessary tasks as a  Phlebotomist:

  • Demonstrated ability to perform arterial, capillary, and venipunctures for medical purposes on patients including pediatrics.
  • Professionally trained in identifying and labeling blood specimens in an appropriate and accurate manner.
  • Well-versed in setting up and operating automated plasma-pheresis machines.
  • Familiar with blood collector equipment and infection control methods.
  • Thorough understanding of medical terminology.
  • Outstanding patient service acumen, and empathetic and compassionate conduct.

Offering you a combination of the essential skills, complying with your requirements by having an ASCP registration and Phlebotomy Certification, I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this in detail. I will call your office after a few days to follow up and set up a date for an interview. Meanwhile, you can contact me at the contact numbers provided above.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Andrea Santiago

Enclosed: Resume